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Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Thu, Jul06, 2017 11:52pm America/Phoenix
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Get your FILL
[It’s a warm, humid day in San Diego as the camera focuses in on the International Championship Title then slowly pulls back to reveal Blayde Archer standing alongside fellow Blade Club members Ezra Zion and Justice Johnston outside the House of Hints.]


Alright fellas, it is time building exercise time. This is San Diego's own, house of hints. We will be entering a room where we have to work together and find a way to escape within sixty minutes. Basically the same way we do in WWX, only without the prima donnas and cry babies..

[Ezra Zion is on the phone and appears to be in the middle of a conversation.]

Look doll face, unless you’re looking for a reserved ticket on The Blade Express, I got nothing else to say to you… You heard me… I don’t care if you’re happily married or not… Hell your husband can watch and take some notes… Don’t you raise your voice to me woman, I’m soon to be one half of the tag team champions! You tell that hubby of yours if he wants to go all he has gotta do is follow the long line of sex starved women like you to San Diego baby and I’ll be waiting to drop him like all the other punks that have tried us before… No you shut up! 

-BLADE- What are you yelling about?! Who’s on the phone? 

[Blayde Archer snatches the phone away from Ezra Zion.] 

-BLADE- Who the hell is… Whoa lady take it easy… this is Blayde Archer… No you can’t get an interview! 

[Blayde Archer hangs up the phone and tosses it back at Ezra Zion who grins at him.]

Seriously what is it with you? And why are these cameras here? I told you no interviews. I can’t have any distractions. This week is way too important to be losing focus.

I know champ, you're right. But if you go in that ring with all this pent up anger and anxiety it is going to get in the way and may cost you the match. Just look what happened to Fill. You need to get it out man and there is no better therapy than a promo. Trust me, I know..

[Archer glares at Zion for a few seconds before smirking and shaking his head. As usual, Ezra was right. He may be Hebrew but the man knew what he was talking about in regards to the business.]

When you are right, you're right. Alright then, let’s sell some tickets and get the fans all riled up!

-JUMBO- Now that’s what I am talking about!

[All three men turn to the camera which zooms in on Blayde Archer's face and the cameraman gives him the signal to start rolling.]


Fill. Sweet, innocent, naïve Fill.

You and I couldn't be more different. We are true polar opposites on the spectrum of life. You are a former International AND World Champion, yet nobody even recognizes you or your stressed out little pouty sad face. Maybe nobody cares who you are? Or could it be that you are afraid. Afraid of the spotlight. Scared of the attention that comes with being a Champion and terrified of having that target painted on your back.

Myself on the other hand? Everyone knows who I am, why I'm here and what I am all about. Success.  

THAT is the true measure of a champion. Defying defeat in the face of adversity. Sorry to say that nobody cares to hear about your pitiful, pathetic, pity party. You talk about the poor and minimum wage yet salaries but you fail to realize or understand that my people were PLACED into poverty and had our land stolen from us. The very same land that you tour to do this great thing you enjoy called professional wrestling. We were Rounded up like animals and placed onto reservations that people like you purposely have forgotten about and ignored for far too long. We drew strength from ourselves because the rest of the world did not care about our tribes in the Navajo Nation. There are no "Red lives Matter" movements for our cause or a voice representing my people to be heard... until now. See Fill? I know all about the "struggle." More than you could ever know but do you see me whining and crying about it? No. You don't because I overcame adversity and those experiences molded me into the warrior that I have become. You will never see sympathy or apathy from me. That is a trait of the weak, the vulnerable, the gullible. Perhaps that is why you are hiding in alleyways hoping not to be seen while the Blade Club are V.I.P. Status.

While you attempt to tug at heart strings? I am preparing for war! Everyone is responsible for themselves, nobody is going to give free hand outs and make life easier for you. Unless you are a moronic idiot waiting to be played as a sucker. Maybe that is your problem Fill.. You see success as an entitlement. Something that you are owed but that is not how things work in the real world my friend. Here, you need to fight for what you want, work for what you need and dedicate yourself to the profession you choose to make a living in. So with that being said, who are YOU to criticize me? You claim that the International Championship Title is meant only for World Wrestling Existence but were is this unwritten rule? Exactly. It doesn't exist and quite frankly, you couldn't be further from the truth. This, is the symbol of success and success is marketable.. Everyone loves a winner, not so much with humble losers like you who are perfectly content with their lackluster lives. Maybe that is why you are where you are and I am where I am, on top of the Wrestling world.

We know, we know.. if you "had your way" you and Rayne would fight for what is now my International Championship and padding your resumes until you both broke Xavier Pendragon's record of holding this gold for a sixth time all while turning one of the most prestigious titles in WWX history into a bigger joke than those two ass clowns in happy fun time. 

You think I am "fake" Fill? That I am not a "real" champion?

[a sadistic, twisted smile slowly creeps across his face.]

Well then, I guess that I will have to show you just how wrong you are by getting "real" as it can get when I leaving you laying in a pool of your own crimson milk choking on your words and making you eat crow. Just like I did to your former partner and BFF in Rayne. Your selective ignorance comes at a price that will be paid in blood. I am going to make a man out of you yet Fill, even if it kills you.. think you can stop me? Because I would love to see you try.. You don't have to like me but you WILL respect me, even if I have to beat it out of you. Don't believe me? Try me!

[Justice Johnston stretches an open palm over the camera, covering it and sending the picture black]

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