Give Up!

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Mon, Apr23, 2018 11:57am America/Phoenix
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Give Up!
(A man is stood in a dark alley way. He is dressed up in his blue costume. Its super bacon. Super Bacon walks up to the camera until a light ray barely lights him up but is visible).

SB: DragonFly.... A puny little insect... In thw elimination chamber I will squash you like a bug. How dare you not respect me! How dare you say in not a threat. How dare you! You are just gonna sit on the wall Like the wimpish insect you are. You may talk the talk... But can you walk the walk!

(Super Bacon is then confronted by a gang. They slowly surround him. Super Bacon looks for an exit. He cant find one).

SB: See just like the elimination chamber no exit. Watch this.

(Super Bacon runs up to a wimpish looking one. The gang member smacks him. Bacon doesnt flinch or seem to be hurt. Bacon then swings for a right hook and connects leaving 1 gang member lying on the floor. The gang then takes a step back and run away).

SB: see ya

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