Glamour and Shine

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Glamour and Shine
[Tom Black is stood on the shoreline of a beach. There is a line of white cliffs behind him, about half a mile away. This is Dover. It is heavily raining. All the drops are getting stuck in his long beard or rolling down the sides of this 6'11, 310 pounds beast. he is staring out into the horizon. The tide is rolling up the sand around his feet. He is showing no form of facial expressions. But he is looking menacing as always.]

Tom Black: Water...

[He wades into the sea hastily yet carefully as he casually walks.

Tom Black: It is deadly yet beautiful...

[He puts his hands into the water lifting them up as he lets it trickle into the shore.]

Tom Black: Darkness, deadly, yet to some, beautiful.]

[He looks up to the cloudy sky, blocking out the sun.]

Tom Black: Light, deadly, yet majestic...

[He stares behind him, Bishop Polaris is now standing upon the cliff face with his arms outstretched.]

Tom Black: Together, it's pure darkness, I am not afraid of the ocean. I respect it, and it respects me. Although it's wet and cold, I do not mind it. Sharks should fear me. That is the difference between me and you Lipton. You and your little friend Rexy should be afraid of me.

[He wades even further into the water, the liquid now around waist high.]

Tom Black: Tommy, you are not "Mr WWX" you are Tommy Lippy, you talk the talk, but I wont believe you until you Walk the Walk, against me and my partner.

[He looks behind and points towards Polaris.]

Tom Black: Yes, you may have the glamour, and the girls, and the boat. But I I do have something, the darkness. In the end you may apparently have the looks, but this is wrestling, not the red carpet, when your in a fight nobody cares about what you own or who you are, they care about if you can step inside the ring and fight. I AM going to rip the titles from you no matter how much gold or money you have. So on Sunday, be a man, take those stupid glasses off and fight us, with your partner Mr T-Rex, and fight us. 

[He twitches his neck, and then his whole body shivers, not scared but angry.]

Tom Black: And if you can't, your nothing. This brings me to my next subject, Rex Mcallister. Rex, you may... wait, what DO I think about Rex Mcallister? I tried to understand what you said the other night, but I just couldn't, patterns? I mean, what patterns do you need in the ring? McAllister, this is a wrestling brand, not a university lecture, you bore me. And as for Darkness and Pendragon, you think I stole, "a gimmick", well let me tell you something Mr T Rex, their personalities are fake, you say thir "gimmicks", but when you step into this ring with me, you are not facing some "gimmick" that's made up in an office, you are facing The Dark One through and through. And as for Xavier Pendragon, I don't even call myself THE machine, I am A machine. I am not fake, because I was trained in the slums of Liverpool. I am a fighter, not an idea.

[He starts wading back to the shore. Angry at what Rex McAllister has said. He starts to climb up the cliffs. The camera cuts to Tom Black and Bishop Polaris looking into the camera.]

Bishop Polaris: Listen, Rex and Thomas. I have to say something to you, be prepared for Sunday because when WE step into the ring, WE will have to destroy you togather as a team. I have trained my friend up, and we have the potential to make you pure, in the end we are not about fake gimmicks, or fame, or glamour, we are here to take your championships, and when we take your titles, you will have to pray for mercy, because i'm not stopping Mr Black. We will take you down together, and thats, 

Tom and Polaris: REXCELLENT!!!

Tom Black: Well, now that we don't have to suffer anymore "Lipton Mcallister Tandem" cringe I'm going to start to get training.

[The camera fades to black as the sun goes down on the horizon as Tom Black starts to head home.]

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