Gods Gonna Cut You Down

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Wed, May31, 2017 10:57pm America/Phoenix
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Gods Gonna Cut You Down
[The camera opens up what appears to be an old warehouse. The night has set in as a beautiful moonlight covers the area. The camera slowly moves in as a small set of lights can be seen followed by a series of sparks as if someone is cutting something. "Gods gonna cut you down" by Johnny Cash can be heard playing in the background as no one can be seen].

                                      You can run on for a long time
                                          Run on for a long time
                                          Run on for a long time
                                    Sooner or later God'll cut you down
                                    Sooner or later God'll cut you down

[The noise of metal grinding can still be heard as a voice fills the darkness. The voice can barely be heard].

???: Once in our lives, if not many times...we taste that familiar taste that you once spoke of. We taste that lovely taste of betrayal. So bitter...so disgusting...but oh so sweet. The taste like no other, its like drinking something from the heavens placed right in front of you. Yet...its a taste that you never forget. Like youre worst possible pain, the feeling of getting stabbed in the back is one that you don't soon forget. It almost makes you sick. But god...does it make you feel alive.

[The metal can once again be heard getting cut as sparks continue to fly. The sparks stop for a moment as the person walks out with a welders mask covering their face].

???: You see, you talked about how you are no god to be slayed, and you cannot be more right. You are nothing more than a pathetic peon who has done nothing more than get in my way and its finally time to answer for your wrongs. You tell me that you cannot accept what I have given you, and that's fine. I don't expect you to. Weak, feeble minded fools like yourself generally don't accept the things that are in front of him. You are like the other morons that surround this place. While it bothers me that I never saw it, I can only thank myself for finally becoming woke. 

[The person reaches up and tosses their helmet off revealing Rayne. He stares into the camera, his eyes filled with a far different darkness than ever before. He stares into the camera for a moment and then continues speaking].

Rayne: You want all the answers now huh? Fill...look around you. Listen to what you said. Think back. When you were back winning championships, you lost them just as quickly when you were on your own. All this time, you have had to have people carry you in order to get anywhere. You were so heavy at some points in time that you drove Jester away. You drove Korath away. Now...you've driven me away. Everyone that you have been around has left you not because they didn't like you, but simply because they got tired of carrying your weight to. You don't believe me do you? Well guess what Fill, you don't have a choice. Take a look in the mirror. 

[The music can be heard once again as Rayne turns around looking at something].

                                     Go tell that long tongue liar
                                    Go and tell that midnight rider
                                            Tell the rambler,
                                              The gambler,
                                             The back biter
                                Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down
                                Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down

Rayne: You see Fill, I am not using my loneliness for any excuse. I am simply tired of seeing myself carry you all that time, and then not even show the LITTLEST APPRECIATION FOR DOING SO! Not even the smallest thank you! Look back on all of our matches Fill. When we were all out there, they didn't go after you first, or Korath, they went at me. You take out the biggest threat, and work your way down. Hell, just two weeks ago when Khoklov came down to take you out, who defended you?! Who is the one that got up after that night?! Who rode out in an ambulance?! WHO DROPPED HIS BIG AS* ON THE GROUND IN A KO?! It sure as hell wasn't you Fill. It sure as HELL wasn't you.

[Rayne paces around visably angry as his breathing intensifies. He looks into the camera as he paces and continues speaking].

Rayne: YOU ASKED FOR ANSWERS FILL! THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED! THIS IS WHAT YOU ASKED FOR! *Laughs* Act as if ive always been your leader...I took over when jester left. Someone has to handle your a*s to make sure you aren't walking around signing checks you cant cash. You see, you are missing what is happening here. You are right about a few things. I too am here doing what I love. I too am defending what I believe in. However, where we differ is what we are fighting for. I am fighting to show you once and for all who the better man was. I am fighting to take away what you love, simply because you are no longer worthy of it. I plan to break you as you have others. I plan to show you what real stress is. I plan to BRING YOU DOWN HOW YOU HELD ME DOWN! That's all you've ever done is hold me down. 

[Rayne reaches over putting the mask back on. The sparks fly once more as he goes around shaping something. He stops working and then throws the mask back to the side].

Rayne: Fill, understand something. This week at Mayhem is simply the beginning of what I plan to do to you. I have waited awhile to do this, and its finally all coming together. I already started the wheels by betraying your trust. After ive taken your trust, I will move on to your championship. After I take your championship...I take your career. When you won that belt Fill, I knew that it was time. You needed someone to wake you up, bring the demon back inside of you. I don't want to fight you Fill. No, that wouldn't be fair to you. I want to DESTROY you! I want to END you! And while I know that I could do that in one night, I don't want to. You talk about stress all the time?! I want you to feel it beyond imaginable depths. I want you to hate every second, every WAKING BREATH that you take. I want you to lie in your waste and realize that you were nothing more than second rate, and ride off into the darkness. I want you to realize that I am more than a god, I am immortal. I want you to see what so many others have already gotten to. The silent assassin is back, and now the arch angel is going to cut you down! 

[Rayne turns around and blows off the thing that he was cutting on. He stares down at it as the camera moves closer towards him and the object].

Rayne: When we step into that ring on Mayhem, I intend to bring together the second part of my plan, and that's taking your championship. The finale, the grand scheme, will be when I DECIDE. Until then, I will continue to show you that everyone is over carrying you, and that you need to be gone. Youre damn right ill feel the stress, I already have. The only stress that I will feel though is when you join the fate of Pendragon and soon to be Khoklov as well and get strapped to the cross that you will bare. When we step into that ring, youre going to see who god sent to do his bidding, and hes standing right in front of you].

[The camera follows as Rayne slowly walks out of the building. The music can be heard playing as it approaches the object. A metal cross can be seen with "Fill" etched into it. The music can be heard as the scene fades to black].

                                       You can run on for a long time
                                           Run on for a long time
                                      Sooner or later God'll cut you down
                                    Tell 'em that God's gonna cut you down

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