Gold and Melons

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Thu, Jan04, 2018 12:31pm America/Phoenix
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Gold and Melons
[Tom Black is seen with a shovel in the snow, he seems to be standing outside in afield covered in a layer of what looks like cake icing. He also has a metal detector on the floor beside him. Black turns to see the camera and looks calm  but it seems to him like he's really enraged inside. There is a bruise on the eye that's not covered by the mask. The scowl on his face is piercing to look at and you really can tell he is furious with himself, and the WWX. He speaks in a quiet yet piercing tone.]

Black: Hello. Today I'm here to, well find gold. You see, I'm a very symbolic man and I say that if I can find gold in this HUGE field, I can find the gold in the WWX. But before we get into that let's talk... shall we?

[As you can see, the Dark One is very angry. Almost like he doesn't want to be there.]

Black: Ok, let's go over what I have in mind. Last week, that cape wearing Super Idiot cheaply pinned me! THE DARK ONE! I can tell you now that victory absolutely means nothing. I honestly. Couldn't. Care less.

[Listening to his tone you can tell that he is obviously upset by this loss.]

Black: And, like most WWX superstars I will take that loss and improve on what "I" did wrong. Also there's a bit of rage in there for good measure... Anyway! What else... oh yes, the man that I will suck into the dark hole at holiday hell managed to escape from me by having some random hooded "Assassins Creed" wannabe attack me with a pipe.

[Black sucks air in and blows it out vigorously to calm himself down.]

Black: First of all, without that wimpish, cowardly attack from behind, I would of gained the championship. But no, I won by DQ. Which means I didn't capture the championship that night. I beat Willie Steen and then faced Bob Mellon AND got attacked with a lead pipe all in the same night. Now that just proves that I'm tough just by showing up to Holiday Hell. Now, I've had many people questioning me about my inactivity regarding cutting promos on my opponents. I have an answer to that, in all honesty I couldn't care less about Super Bacon or anyone else. But this week, I have an opponent who is regarded somewhat "worthy" it's also for the one thing I've set out for since I debuted here in the WWX. I need this title to secure my place as the Dark Lord of the international division. After all, as kind old Mellon said himself, I am "the best they could come up with".

[Tom turns to his metal detector and shovel and looks back to the camera.]

Black: So, it's time to start digging I guess?

[He walks to the shovel before searching for a spot that's marked with a piece of black paper. He picks it up before he starts to dig in the ground. He casually picks up the dirt and throws it without breaking a sweat.]

Black: According to the detector, this is where I'm meant to dig. Hopefully there's something decent here...

[As he carries on digging he hits something hard, it sounds like something hollow, like wood. As he looks down, it IS wood. He  carries on digging all around it until he decides to pull it from one end, out of the ground. As he brushes  off you notice that there's a little sign on the top, engraved in gold. "The Mellon Family Heirloom".]

Black: Hmm?! This seems peculiar!

[Black  opens up the chest revealing a beautiful gold necklace laced in diamonds. Tom gasps in shock.]

Black: Wow, wouldn't it be so BAD if this somehow went missing, oh, wait, there's literally a river just over there!

[The Dark One points over to the south where you can hear the rushing of flowing water.]

Black: You know what? Why don't we go and see, eh?

[He stands up before running over to the direction where he pointed, eventually he reaches a wide rapid river with many rocks and stones.]

Black: Meh.

[He casually drops it into the water as if it were nothing and turns around to walk away.]

Black: Oh, sorry Mellon, did I upset you? Did I make Mr Melonhead angry? Because we know you're SO amazing. The crowd know it, after all "You suck" isn't just passed around so easily these days. Also, why do you KEEP on trying to be smart and insulting the fact that I went into a maze in the dark? Oh yes, it's probably because you're jealous that I'm not afraid of the dark. You're afraid of ME. Stop trying to "own" me like 420 tried to because look what I did to them! For some reason you're in an illusion that you're some how still the best. Well, you're not. You're just old and crippled. "I don't deserve  to be in the same locker room" as you? No, I don't WANT to be in the same locker room as you funnily enough 'cause you stink. And this talk of Hex Girl? Ha! She couldn't beat a FLY one one one, let alone real wrestlers. And if she thinks that she'll somehow come out of know where and win the world and the universe and everything, she's wrong.

[He twitches angrily and calms himself down.]

Black: Now, this brings me onto the subject of Krimson Blaze, OK... yup... the end, next subject. You are ALL in an illusion. You will ALL fall to my reign and that's that. You can all say I'm a poser, you can all say I'm nothing, you can all say I'm no wrestler. But all I have to say to you is this. I, will prove you all wrong. And you will all grovel at my feet. Goodbye.

[Black looks as if he's about to walk away when his rage overcomes him. He grabs the metal detector and starts to smash it on the floor before it starts to fall apart, piece by piece. Once it's lying battered  on the floor, he grabs the shovel and smashes the detector even further before promptly turning around to face the camera. The camera man starts to run away but it's to late. the last thing you see is Tom Blacks enraged face and a flash of his fist before the screen fades to black.]]

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