Gold on Me

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Thu, Jun15, 2017 10:46pm America/Phoenix
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Gold on Me
[The scene is set at Flight Club, a famous sneaker store in New York City. Cam Westport is gazing at the shoe selection, and picks a pair. He looks it over and feels the tread. The shoes are Blue, with a gold speckle finish, he sets them back on the shelf and turns to the camera.]

Cam ďIím picking out my sneaks for my match at Mayhem. Iíve always like the feel of Jordans. High tops, I like the way they support your whole ankle. All the better for the big kicks. Iíve gotta pick the ones with the thickest sole, that way the Game Changer really rattles their brain.Ē

[Cam grabs a another shoe from a higher shelf, this one is a shiny, deep redÖ Crimson.]

Cam(scoffs) ďNow these are weak. The color is whack man, I can get with red and burgundyÖ but Crimson, man thatís just weak. Krimzon BlazeÖ thatís weak. He says he doesnít belong in the International divison, but donít worry my man. You wonít be here for long. You can bitch and moan about Kurtis Ray all you want, trust me nobody dislikes that guy more than me. He turned on me in a tag team match and left me for the dogs in my home town. Iíll get him back for what he did, but you can have him first, but Iíll be busy winning back my International championship.Ē

[Cam puts the Crimson shoe back and pulls down  a gold one. He rubs the tread and observes the shoe.]

Cam ďGold is good color on me, I should have hella gold around my waist, but no. I got cheated out of my TV title and after making it all the way to the finals of the International Championship tourney I got the title torn from me and I havenít had my shot since. 

Iím angry.

Iím stealing you thunder on this one, because nobody in this company is more angry than me. I have been dropped from the top to the bottom. I have had a ref between me and a championship for the last 2 months, and the refs are winning.

But this week.

This week Iím going to drop you on your dome. Hit you with the W in the middle of the ring. Nobody has ever kicked out of it, what makes you different? After you Iíll drop whatever sad sap ends up with my International Championship on their dome. Then Kurtis Ray. Then Syndacite. Iím taking back my place on top of the mountain.

You say that you are this ďmain event talentĒ, me too bub. I was a main eventer since the day I stepped in the door, and since then Iíve been relegated to the mid card.

Iím angry and Iím done playing these games in the mid card. Krimzon Blaze, I suggest you go down early, otherwise your gonna end up face first in the mat, crushed by the W, youíre gonna be a changed man in the worst way.Ē

[Cam walks off screen with the shoe and head to the check out counter, buying the gold Jordans.]

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