GOT Trick or Treat

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Sun, Oct29, 2017 10:57pm America/Phoenix
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GOT Trick or Treat
*Hex Girl is sitting back watching Fozzy's promo for Hall of Pain. She can't seem to resist the urge to provide color commentary as she watches.*

Fozzy Ozbourne .... did Ozzy get drunk and |BLEEP| a Muppet? Is that how we got you? Come on... black clothes, sitting on some throne are you trying to be Danzig or just so emo you could shit bats? I'm trying to figure this out here. 

*Fozzy begins to speak. After a moment she rolls her eyes.*

Are you lamenting, or reminiscing? I'm trying to figure out if you're a whiny bitch or some |BLEEP|looking at past glory through rose colored glasses; and you're not being too clear.

*Her voice is dripping with sarcasm as she speaks.*

Nice brooding look there. Marketing should be able to make a decent poster out of that shot. 

*She nearly chokes with laughter.*

Respect?! Have you paid attention around here? Dude, if they had any respect for you they wouldn't be booking you against my tiny ass! 

*She watches as he lights his throne into a blazing inferno.*

Nice trick now where are you gonna sit. Blah, blah, blah. You are quickly sliding into whiny bitch territory. We all have matches where our opponents are lackluster no need to bitch about it. You just beat their ass senseless and move on hoping they learned a lesson from it. Prima-|BLEEP|in-donna. 

*She is looking decidedly unimpressed with him as he continues to speak.*

Now you're griping about the tag tournament. Newsflash Captain Kangaroo aside from the established teams no one got to choose their partner. You know how you handle that? You meet up you figure out if you can work together and you move on from there. Pretty damn simple. I've had to do it more than once in this company. 

*She lets him continue to ramble on about the tag tournament until he finally decides to discuss Hall of Pain.*

Oh he's finally cutting to the biscuits and gravy? A body could go gray waiting for him to get to the point. 

*She raises and eyebrow when he calls her 'protected talent'.*

Is he serious? Protected? 

*She turns to face the camera.*

|BLEEP|I fight tooth and nail for what I have. I climb into the ring and willingly risk getting used for a lawn dart by people twice my size. I am routinely advised by medical to retire because of the nerve damage I've sustained over my career. I was willing to do a hardcore match for the International title immediately followed by a gauntlet match to defend the TV title if necessary. Does that sound |BLEEP|ing protected? Don't worry, Bud, I've been training. Training is a constant for me. That's how I stay on top of my game. It's how I stay prepared to defend what is mine. You seem so confident that you have what it takes to win the TV title from me. Come get it, Bucko. I have no doubt you will be a bigger challenge than "Luke the Fluke" or Kailee. You might even give Beatrice a run for her money as competition. Then again you might just be a bag of hot air; a bag I'm more than willing to pop. 

*She looks back over at the screen seeing him spread his arms in the "Christ" pose.*

Better yet lets get biblical. Prepared to be crucified.

*The screen cuts to a jack-o-lantern. The image begins to drip and bleed off of the screen revealing Hex Girl's logo.*

[Cut to wwx Logo and fade to black]

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