Grabbing a Tiger by the Tail

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Wed, Nov01, 2017 1:47am America/Phoenix
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Grabbing a Tiger by the Tail
*In a backstage interview area draped with Hall of Pain and WWX banners similar to the setup where Leon Jones was standing earlier we see Terry Jackson standing ready to take a few pre-match interviews.*

Terry Jackson: Ladies and gentlemen we are backstage LIVE from the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia at WWX Hall Of Pain 2017 and we have WWX Television Champion Hex Girl. 

*He snags Hex Girl by the waist and pulls her to a stop next to him before she can walk by him.*

Terry Jackson: Leon Jones had an opportunity to interview Fozzy Ozbourne just a few moments a go and he had few unfavorable comments to make. Did you have any thoughts before the match?

*Hex Girl snags the microphone from Terry and looks at the camera.*

Hex Girl: You're "THAT" guy... as in a monumental dick? That's all you come off as. An arrogant, abrasive, monumentally sized dick. All I'm hearing is some blowhard whiny-ass bitch talking about how big and bad he is and how he's not top of the heap any more. You want to call me protected talent. You want to claim the management is playing favorites. If that were true then I wouldn't have had to fight for everything I've ever achieved in this company. When I came into this company the women's division was on ice. I resurrected the title. I innovated the Gibbet match for Armada and won the title in that match. Over the next few years I helped fight to keep the women's division alive. Not that it matters much to you but I was Women's Champion three times. The division was only recently retired again due to at the time there were not enough women on the roster to justify the division. That only opened the door for myself and Beatrice to compete with the boys. Fast forward a little bit and here we sit. I'm the reining Television champion and the first woman to hold that belt. The smallest person on the roster. Someone who by the numbers should be getting pummeled every time she sets foot in the ring. Every active wrestler on the roster has a height and weight advantage over me. The reason I keep winning is because I refuse to quit. Look at the tapes of my matches every  time I've been pinned my opponent has had to knock me out to get the three count because I won't stay down otherwise. I am tenacious as |BLEEP|. 

I don't do this for me. If I did this for me I'd probably care more about my personal safety. You can criticize me all you want. Call me cliche. Accuse me of being a paper tiger. I'm someone that ceased worrying about my own safety, someone who relishes the fact that one day they'll have to autopsy me and say "Dear GOD what did this woman do?!" LONG STORY |BLEEP|ING SHORT, I DON'T CARE. I do this for those who count most, the fans. It is the fans who carry you. Who either cheer you or curse you. I'm going to go into that ring and give the fan show they paid to see. Whether I retain my title or not is irrelevant. If I leave that ring and the fans are left wanting at the end of the match then I didn't do my job.  

You're mistaken Fozzy, there is no fear here. I've faced far bigger than you. I've faced better than you. I have been held prisoner by far worse than you. There is nothing that you can throw at me that I cannot take. By the way if you have an issue with the cat ears...come get 'em.

*She slaps the microphone back against Terry's chest and walks away towards the stage entrance.*


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