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On Sun, Apr15, 2018 12:39pm America/Phoenix
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+ A video package presentation of Dragonfly plays with a voiceover from a Scott Grayse promo. +

"I'm coming to be champion, which champion? You can find out and see at Armada where I make my return to a WWX ring!"


"You just never know where I am going to go, BUT I promise you I will target a WWX Champion and take…. their….STRAP!!”



+ The sunset paints the sky with pink, yellow and blue colors as the traffic lights shine into the side view mirror. +

Wrestling is a mirror of society. We each are all one reflection of it.


Scott Grayse you have been in WWX's rearview while wearing rose colored glasses.

A past Champion from yesteryears returning for a taste of glory in the nostalgic limelight.

Scott Grayse. The Messiah of Mayhem. 

Former Tag team Champion. Former AAA Champion. Former Television Champion. Key word being FORMER.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dragonfly. The NEXT Television Champion. 

Welcome back from your hiatus of Eight years. I respect what you have done in the past.

However, be forewarned .. Your expectations of a grand return to championship glory will be replaced with the feeling of failure and disappointment when you lose.

You better hope and pray that lucrative new contract covers your hospital bills. 

This match at Armada will shape the future of WWX and show our fans who is ready to step up. 

Will you be capable enough to outwit or survive the physical onslaught from the other competitors inside an imprisonment of chained violence? We shall soon find out..

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