Greetings from Dublin

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On Mon, Sep18, 2017 1:44pm America/Phoenix
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Greetings from Dublin
*Scene opens on the evening streets of Dublin Ireland, citizens and tourists are moving about going to various establishments. The camera comes to The Long Hall  where we can hear a very familiar voice singing Helan Går. Korath notices the camera crew and as he finishes the song he finishes his drink and heads for the door. As he exits the pub he motions for the crew to accompany him, they set up as he starts talking.

"To all the fans of the WWX, Welcome to Dublin. While I await World Series I figured tonight would be a great night to get to know the people of Ireland, and what better way to do that than to go bar hopping with them. World Series is just a few days away, and I can feel the excitement in the air, hell I can practically smell it. Ever muscle and fiber in my body is aching to be put into action and gaining me that number one contendership for the WWX's greatest prize. I hope all of my opponents are getting ready in whatever way they know how. I wonder how they are doing? Only my friend Fill has had anything to say when I last checked, everyone else is mysteriously quiet. hmm? One moment."

Korath pauses for a moment as a group of fans recognize him and approach asking for autographs. He takes a moment to sign and take pictures with them before he continues.

"Bob Mellon, your continued silence is annoying me. If you do not make yourself known I will personally ensure that you do not last more than two minutes in the ring. I am going to tear you to pieces and leave you scattered for the crows."

Korath pauses, interacting with more fans and then continues.

"Blayde Archer, why is it that you have gone into hiding? It seems you and your entire group have disappeared into the mists of time. Are you content with holding the International belt Archer? It would seem to me that gaining a chance at the Undisputed World Championship would be enough to drive anyone to be their very best, but since you are off on your little spirit quest, it seems you are happy with second best."

Korath's features go predatory as he grins, finishing the statement. As he continues down the street, a couple of locals approach him.

"Oi big man, yer Korath ain't'cha? I bet me an me mates can take ya."

Korath: "That so? I'm heading to The Stag's Head. why don't you meet me there and we'll see if your liver can handle that challenge?"

The man grins as he and Korath shake on it and begin heading towards the aforementioned tavern. Korath, still smiling, heads starts walking again and looks to the camera.

"So I guess you could say I saved the best for last, Fill and Jester. You two were a team to beat back when Fill first started with the company, it makes me wonder what you two are planning for the first match. Will you work back to back taking down every one? Will you only worry about a heated rivalry? Or will you let the heat of battle consume you and simply annihilate whoever you see, yourselves included? Who knows, Chris Sanders definitely doesn't. Now I need to bid you farewell, I've more fraternizing to do."

*Korath reaches the bar he spoke of earlier and turns to enter. Before he does he turns back to the camera, a serious look on his face. As the scene begins to fade he leaves a final message.

"From tomorrow till World Series I will be forcing myself past my limits, if any of you wish to walk out of the arena after facing me, I suggest you do the same."

Scene changes to a black background with a Norse style wolf, emblazoned with the words Nordic Nightmare.

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