Hall of Pain Aftermath (Repost)

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Sun, Nov05, 2017 12:41am America/Phoenix
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Hall of Pain Aftermath (Repost)
Tired. Hurting. Victorious.

These 3 words best describe Xavier Pendragon as he is currently being looked at WWX trainers.

WWX TRAINER: Try to take it easy the next few days and you should be okay.

XAVIER: So I should go a little light with my training regimen?


XAVIER: Alright. Thanks.

Xavier grabs the case and leaves the trainer room. He heads towards his locker room and opens his locker room door and is immediately embraced by Beatrice.

BEATRICE: Way to go baby!! I knew you could do it!

XAVIER: Thanks baby!

JEFFREY: I see you succeeded in winning the big one.

XAVIER: Yeah. The tag match was something left to be desired but this (points to the case) was my main concern.

Just then, WWX Senior Reporter Chris Sanders walks up.

SANDERS: Xavier, first off congratulations on becoming the Race for the Case winner. How do you feel?

XAVIER: How do you think I feel at the moment Chris? I'm kinda hurting right now, but I'll live thorugh that. This case here I have in my possession means I can cash this in on any champion at any time, but I'm not gonna go around rubbing in that I'm the Race for the Case holder no. I'm gonna do what I always do: continue to train for my next challenge to better myself so when that time comes and I become champion once again, I will be ready, but as for right now...me and my family are going home to rest up a little bit before we go back to work.

Without another word, the Pendragons head for the exit, leaving Sanders to ponder on Xavier's words.

scene fades

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