Hammering out The Facts!!

Roleplay Roleplay by SCOTT GRAYSE
On Fri, May04, 2018 6:32pm America/Phoenix
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Hammering out The Facts!!

-Scott was feeling rather angry today. His time was spent lounging around. He decided to hit the gym and get rid of the crazy thoughts. He loves small gyms where the people count is minimal. Grayse grabs his bag and makes sure to throw Helen into the bag and bring her with him. We have no clue if a problem will take off and someone will need there dome-piece bashed in! Scott leaves his room and swiftly & quickly walks to his vehicle where he pops the trunk and puts his bags in the trunk. He comes around, gets in the front seat, starts his car and listens to her roar! He smiles and speeds off.-

-20 minutes later.-

-We arrive at “Threshold Training Academy where Scott Grayse grabs his bag and walks in. he is greeted by a very attractive woman who welcomes him and goes about her business. Scott Grayse goes to the very back and drops his bag and begins doing jumping jacks. Grayse realizes that the camera followed him and he decides to educate the masses.-

I was robbed at Armada! I should be standing here your WWX TV Champion with a beautiful belt to place around my beautiful body! Let me set the record straight and say I don’t hate Dragonfly for his victory. I just see it as a tainted win with blood on his hands. I respect Dragonfly and that enables me to say that, as of right now, you’re a underwhelming piece of garbage! You came into Armada and you stole that TV title from me and I will come for it! I will, one day, get my vengeance Dragonfly and I promise you it will not be to your liking! MOVING ON!

-Grayse drops down and does a few sets of push-ups and them comes back up. Grayse busts out more jumping jacks and then, after finishing, wipes the sweat from his face and sits down. He pulls out Helen and begins to gaze at her, like she has this invisible force pulling Grayse in.-

My opponent this week is Damian Hendrix. A rather boring guy. I mean he says some pretty generic stuff. He tries to be scary and intimidating but he comes off as a soft ass teddy bear! You’re a |BLEEP|in’ joke Hendrix and in no way do I take you seriously! I mean come on, your the absolute epitomy of suck! You can’t and will never be able to hold a candle to me. You’re meeting a man who is willing to destroy everything you have ever created! I am the man who crushes those flacid dreams and brings you back to reality! I am The Reality Check of WWX and that will be proven this week when I destroy any hope of Hendrix moving on. Damian, I have been in this game for a very, very long time and your kind is stale and boring. I literally want to Bash myself in the head listening to your boring promos! It will be a swift and just judgement when I end your miserable existence!-

-Scene fades with Grayse continuing to work out.-

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