Handle With Care

Roleplay Roleplay by JESTER
On Fri, Oct20, 2017 7:11pm America/Phoenix
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Handle With Care
Our scene opens in the middle of the day, showing cars speeding down the busy Causeway Street.  To the left you can just make out families playing in Paul Revere Park.  The camera turns around to find Jester, wearing a grey WWC hoodie and dark grey jeans, leaning against the large T D Garden's sign that, appropriately enough, sits out front of T D Garden arena.  He has his International belt tossed over his right shoulder, a black gym bag on the ground beside him, and a large smile on his face.

Jester - ďIím standing outside T D Garden arena, home of the Boston Celtics, because I was watching the Celtics/Cavaliers season opener when I witnessed Gorden Hayword's gruesome injury.  Last Sunday I watched Aaron Rodgers' season end when he broke his collar bone.  All of this reminded me of just how tenuous all of our careers are.  You land wrong just once and everything youíve worked your whole life for is gone in a second.  So you canít afford to let any opportunities pass you by.  You have to take every chance youíre given and grab hold of it as if itís the last youíll ever get.Ē

Jester grabs his gym bag and begins to walk down the street.  The camera follows along.

Tonight, at Fury, I have the opportunity to accomplish a couple of things.  One opportunity I have is to show the entire WWX universe that I am a deserving champion.  Nobody handed me this belt, I earned it.  The only part my WWC brothers played in my match against Archer was to make sure that I had an even playing field.  I did the rest.  In the end, I was just the better man.Ē

Jester grabs a water bottle from his bag and takes a sip before continuing.

Jester - ďThe other opportunity that's presented before me tonight is the chance to finally end this silly feud that you started between us, Bob.  Iím guessing, from your last couple of promos, that even youíve figured out that it was a big mistake.  So, I have good news and bad news for you.  The bad news is Iím going to have to beat your ass tonight Bob.  You see, thereís a few people in the WWX that I need to make a statement to and, unfortunately for you, you drew the short straw.  Now Iím not going to lie to you Bob, this is going to hurt.... a lot!  But, thereís nothing to be done about it now.  Your fate has already been sealed on that particular point.Ē

Jester stops in front of a house. He sits his bag back on the ground and takes another drink of water before going on.

Jester - ďHowever, the good news is that all this can be over after tonight.  I donít know what possessed you to call me out, I donít know why you decided to insult and threaten me, and I donít know why you jumped me backstage or tried to interfere in my title match.  But Iím a reasonable man and Iím willing to forgive all of your previous transgressions against me, provided that you let this feud die after I defeat you tonight.  Because up until now you have been dealing with the calm Jester.Ē

Jesterís face becomes dead serious, an evil sneer creeps across his lips.

Jester - ďAnd believe me, you do not want the unhinged Jester coming out to play.Ē

Jesterís face immediately goes back to smiling and friendly.

Jester - ďSo, as they say, the proverbial ball is in your court.  I trust youíll make a wise decision.Ē

Jester points to the house behind him.

Jester - ďThis is Paul Revere's house.  You know, history's a funny thing.  Did you know that there were actually two riders, maybe even three, on that fateful night?  But Paul Revere had a book written about his ride so heís famous while the other two riders are unknown.  History only remembers the people whose stories get told.  Something to think about.Ē

Jester picks up his bag and heads off into the distant as the scene fades out.

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