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On Tue, Feb06, 2018 9:37pm America/Phoenix
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*Static fills the screen before quickly disappearing, giving way to the interior of a familiar Los Angeles apartment.*


*A tan couch fills the left side of the room while a flat-screen TV hangs on the opposite wall.  In the center, a small brown coffee table holds up a stack of miscellaneous papers. The third wall is almost entirely a window overlooking the City of Angels.*


*The sound of a key being inserted and turned can be heard in the background, followed by a door opening.*


*The door slams shut, and soon after, the profile of Syndicate steps into the frame.  Looking absolutely exhausted, Syndicate is still wearing his "#homecoming" t-shirt from the last episode of Ravage, which finished up just a few hours ago, as well as blue jeans and black Nike sneakers.  He sets down a gray Under Armour duffel bag onto the coffee table, slips off his Nikes, and takes off his shirt before collapsing face-first onto the couch.  The Los Angeles Outlaw is still for a few moments, seemingly processing the amazing night he just experienced.*

Syndicate: ...*sigh*...

*He manages to roll himself over but does not look at the camera; instead, he stares dead ahead, as if in a trance.*

Syndicate: That...was one of...the most fun nights...of my life.

*A smile creeps onto his lips.*

Syndicate: Being able to go out there and perform in front of my hometown fans...donating all that money to charity...advancing in the Crusade Cup...

*Syndicate, for what might very well be the first time in his life, seems to be at a loss for words.*

Syndicate: ...and to cap it all off...James Ranger gives me and Darkness a shot at the Tag titles...

*He openly laughs before forcing himself to sit up and finally look at the camera.*

Syndicate: You know, I think James Ranger finally did the right thing for once with this one.  Darkness and I have continually proclaimed our team as one of the greatest to ever grace this company, and now...we get the chance to prove it.  And who better to prove it against than two of my greatest rivals: Kurtis Ray and Willie Steen.

*Before continuing, Syndicate grabs a black remote off the coffee table and presses a button, causing the television to come to life.  He flips through a few channels before finally settling on ESPN, which is showing SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt.*

Syndicate: It's been a while, Willie.  How've you been?  It's nice to see that you're still around here...for some reason.  You know, there's always been something that's bothered me about you, Willie, and it's taken me five years of putting up with your shit to figure it out.  You, Willie Steen, just don't care.  I know your motto is "keep it cool" and all, but man...you really just don't care about anything.  You have been here five years, and what have you done?  You've languished in that no-mans land between being a main-eventer and being at the bottom of the card.  I mean, sure, being a five-time Television Champion is noteworthy...but that right there is the issue.  You seem to be willing to settle for that kind of production.  You seem to be just fine with alternating between the Television title and the other lower-card championships.

Syndicate: To your credit, you did win the World title that one time in 2015, but let's look at that for a second.  The reason you took that title from Astonishing Ashton is that I, as the guest referee for that matchup, gave you the win.  And even then, you held that title for a month before Brent Eades came in and stole it from you.  One month, Willie, of quite possibly the most meaningless World Championship reign in modern history, preceded by - let's not kid ourselves - a terrible Hall of Pain main event.  I could keep going, Willie, but my point is this: for being around here for as long as you have, it's depressing to see that you've done little of note.  It's sad to see you seemingly not care about success, and if that's the case, Willie...why are you still here?  Why are you still going out there and wrestling?

*He sighs, sinking back further into the couch.*

Syndicate: Darkness and I are polar opposites of you.  Darkness and I reach up and grab that brass ring by any means necessary.  We fight for what we want, and we get it.  This week, when you have to defend the Tag Team Championships against us...not caring isn't going to get the job done.  Which brings me to the fourth man in this equation: Kurtis mother|BLEEP|in' Ray.

*Syndicate rolls his eyes.*

Syndicate: Let me recap what happened earlier tonight with Kurtis Ray.  Kurtis, who is still somehow upset at me for how Holiday Hell went down, decided that he wanted to attack me during my match with Korath.  So, after Korath takes Darkness out, he comes on out and pulls the referee out of the ring.  Kurtis Ray then proceeds to clobber me over the back with a steel chair.  Fine.  This is all normal for a day in the life of a WWX superstar.  He then tries to help Korath win, but somehow, he forgets the part where he's supposed to hold me up for Korath's Heavy Lariat.  Somehow, he manages to let me escape, allowing him to take the blow instead of me.  Somehow, Kurtis Ray finds a way to inadvertently help me win and advance to Aftershock.  What a fantastic turn of events.

*He chuckles as SportsCenter cuts to commercial.*

Syndicate: Leave it to Kurtis Ray to |BLEEP| up a mid-match attack.  Leave it to Kurtis Ray to STILL be mad at me for beating him at Holiday Hell.  Leave it to Kurtis Ray to be a dumbass in general.  Kurtis, I hope you realize that every time you show off your aggression towards me, it just makes me want to shove your face into the mat harder and harder.  You're willingly pissing off the most dangerous man in the company, and if tonight's events are any indication, that shit ain't gonna work anymore.  Now, not only do you have to face off against me at Aftershock in the Crusade Cup, you get the lovely opportunity to put the Tag titles on the line against Darkness and I.  Oh, how I would love to be in your shoes at this moment.

Syndicate: Let me just give it to you straight, Kurtis: I'm gonna |BLEEP|ing destroy you by any means necessary.  I want to take those Tag titles out of spite, just to demoralize you a bit more.  Then, after that, I'm going to deliver the finishing blow and kick your ass out of the Crusade Cup, ending any chance you have of contending for the World title in the near future.  To put it simply, Kurtis, I'm tired of your shit and I'm not gonna let it carry on any longer.

*Syndicate smirks.*

Syndicate: Now, if you'll excuse me...I need to catch some sleep.  Welcome...to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate turns off the television, gets up, and walks past the camera.  As he flicks the lights in the room off, the camera is taken over by static.*



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