Roleplay Roleplay by FUNZO
On Tue, May23, 2017 11:10pm America/Phoenix
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[The scene opens with kids lined up next to the pay window of an ice cram truck.]


HeY-hEy-HEY! What time is it, boys and girls?!?

(children in unison) ICE CREAM TIME!!

-Happy Gigglesworth- 

That's right! It is HAPPY FUN 420 ICE CREAM TIME!Step right up! Get your healthy, yet incredible edibleyummyfresh made ice cream right HE-YEAR! Not only doesour Super Duper special made healthy, yet incredible edible fresh made ice creamtastes goodAND it is also good for you.

[Spanky themonkey refills the napkin dispenser, poorlyand shrieks a response.]

-Happy Gigglesworth- 

How so, you ask spanky? Well listen upbecause I will tell you why myhairy littlehelper. Because thisSuper Duper SPECIALice cream is made with special, all natural herbal medicine, that isHOWwe KNOW it'shealthy! See? (points to the green cross painted on the back window..)

[FUNZO the Clown slides on a mask over the mouth that portrays shock the proceeds to bury his face into hispalm asSpanky the monkey places a pipe to his lips, then blows bubbles from it.]

-Happy Gigglesworth- 

I don't understand, Spanky. This medicine makes everyone Happy! This medicine makes everybody fun! This medicine can help to put both the HAPPY and FUN in Happy Fun Time! How can420 be bad?

[Spanky the monkey grabs a waffle cone and hand scoops his own feces onto the top of it. Spanky gives a big toothy smile while offering the fresh made chocolate treat to Funzo the Clown, who politely declines by waving it away with his free hand while pinching his red clown nose with the other.]

-Happy Gigglesworth- (eating cotton candy)

We will need to do moreprivate research into this, this, this 420 number thing.. SPANKY! Drive us through the fast food drive thru and THEN back to the big tent!

[The Ice CreamTruck burns rubber and peels away swerving wildly down the road as the scene fades.]

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