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On Sat, Jun17, 2017 9:30pm America/Phoenix
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[BIG, bright colorful, bubbly balloon shape letters spell out "HAPPY FUN TIME" to a jolly tune.]




[The camera cuts from the exterior of the big tent to Interior shot.]



Wise ass owl: WhO? wHo? WhO?


Beaver Scout Scott: I AM!!


Al: ME TOO!!

Senior Stinky Sock: Yo también!

Sir sockiere Montary Ascot the Third: Yes, indeed..}}

[a circle of muppets gather for a group huddle and begin dancing like the Charlie Brown characters.]

[The WWX Network original series opens on a colorful cast of puppet characters inside the big tent.]

-Sarah the selfie stick-
It has been a while since we've seen that smile..

-Gene Pierre Saint the GPS-
So0O0o...Let us help turn that frown, upside down!!

-Isaac the Iphone-
And wouldn't you know it?

-Tabby the Tablet-

-Rover the voice over kanine-
ArrrrrrrrE you RRRRRRReaDY boys and girls? IT'S HaaaaaaPPY FuuuuuuN TiiiiiiiME!!!!!!

[Happy Gigglesworth and Funzo the clown appear in fancy fluffy white neck ruffs and seventeenth century white powder periwigs.]

[Funzo unrolls a paper scroll and dips a bright white feather plume into an ink jar then writes onto it at a frantic pace before pacing it over to Happy Gigglesworth who inserts a monocle eye piece and read the scribes in an elequent manner..]

Hear ye, hear ye! we hereby declare the King Richard, Vigilante, a Gaijin speed racer, the Superhero who loves Bacon and the young prospect Bryan Matthews, GUILTY!

on what grounds? (Aristocat the marionette puppet questions in a high pitched voice.)

Happy Gigglesworth: "On the grounds of road rage for Mr. Glorious!"
"The Vigilante for cross walking while the light was red, that had me furious!"
"Super Bacon, he is most definitely guilty of stealing bacon.. "
"and Bryan Matthews? Is guilty of being Josh Matthews illegitimate son!"

Happy Gigglesworth: "Isn't that right my murder of crows?"

[The camera cuts to the two puppet black birds decked out in hip-hop rap gear.]


[M.C. C-Row beat boxes the rythm as the dirty bird rocks the mic with the rhymes]
(A boom a-tis, a boom-a-boom a-tsk, A boom a-tis, a boom-a-boom a-tsk..)

"awwwwwwwe yE-yeah! flap those wings! get em' up! lemme see those feathers ya'll!"

"if ya think the King Richard is caca doo-doo gimme a ca-caw! CA-CAW!!"
"if ya think the Glorious Gaijin is caca doo-doo gimme a ca-caw! CA-CAW!!"
"if ya think the Vigilante is caca doo-doo gimme a ca-caw! CA-CAW!!"
"if ya think Bryan Matthews is caca doo-doo gimme a ca-caw! CA-CAW!!"

"That's right brah, we keep it rough, rugged and RAW!"

(A boom a-tis, a boom-a-boom a-tsk, A boom a-tis, a boom-a-boom a-tsk..)

"It'll take a new bag of tricks with some brand new toys!"
"So ya bettah keep ya poise and bring more than noise."
"Cuz one of these clowns biggest joys? is putting smiles on faces of all the girls and boys!

(A boom a-tis, a boom-a-boom a-tsk, A boom a-tis, a boom-a-boom a-tsk..)

"One by one, by one, by one.. all ya'll are going over the ropes like the setting of the sun.

"The sound of each of ya feet hittin' the ground is how you gonna get CLOWNED, son!"

"Word up!"

[The two black birds cross their arms and pose in a b-boy stance as the camera cuts back to Happy Gigglesworth and Funzo the clown who is now towering above on 15 foot stilts until stepping on a banana peel and falling out of the pictures view..]

Happy Gigglesworth: "hEy-HeY-HEY! Would everybody like to know today's secret word of the day? Funzo the clown will use his camouflage ability to blend into the surrounds and lurk in the background photobombing anybody who says this word.."

[*whispers* (pain) as it flashes across the screen for a millisecond.]

Happy Gigglesworth: "WWX Universe, whaddaya say? Ready for this game? Let's play!"

[Funzo rides by wobbling and balancing himself on a unicycle, juggling a running chainsaw, a bowling pin and a machete as we fade to commercial break.]

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