Happy New year

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Sun, Dec31, 2017 11:38pm America/Phoenix
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Happy New year
The cameras find Tommy Lipton in the backyard of his friend and manager Adam. 
The flames off the out door gas fire place blow with the wind. 
Tommy seeing the cameras puts his drink on the ground by hos right boot. 

Tommy: Ravage showed the intensity of what will come. Rex McAllister is a man who I must show a sense of respect for. He has indeed defied all odds and has put on one heck of a fight. His name is the name under the spotlight. It is not so much Tommy Lipton.  Rex has more than proven his worth but then again would I team with someone unworthy?
Ravage highlighted a tease of Syndicate versus Rex. But I have something to say about that however... actions speak louder than words... Rex, I Am Coming... 

Tommy picks up his drink and stares into the hot flames...

Tommy: Oh and Happy New Year


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