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On Tue, Jun27, 2017 12:57pm America/Phoenix
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[Fade in on an overhead aerial blimp shot view of Jinju Stadium.]

Here we are, in Meiji Jinju Stadium in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The second oldest stadium in Japan. One of the few professional stadiums in existence where Babe Ruth played back in 1934. Matsutaro Shoriki who was known as the father of Japanese professional baseball and survived an assassination attempt where he received a 16-inch-long wound from a broadsword for allowing foreigners to play baseball.

Now THAT'S hardcore. 

Think about it.. we will be surrounded by 37,933 hostile wrestling fanatics.. If these Japanese love their wrestling as much as their baseball, we could have a full blown riot on our hands on Ravage.

[A wicked smile spreads across the face of The Juggernaut Justice Johnston as he grabs a wooden Louisville slugger and takes a few practice swings before stepping into the batters box. Ezra Zion grabs a baseball with a picture of Matt Glazebrook superimposed into the white leather as he takes the mound.]

Let em' try their luck.. I will explode on these marks and fan boys like a Hiroshima Nuclear Bomb!

[Ezra Zion lobs a pitch over the plate and the ball rotates in slow motion, end over end, showing the face of Matt Glazebrook rotating with the spin of the baseball. Justice Johnston waits until the time is right and crushes it out of the park. Zion watches the ball soar out of view then smirks as he picks up another baseball to throw. This one with a picture of Gary Tinordi superimposed into the white leather of the baseball. The Hebrew Hitman winds up with a Hideo Nomo delivery and fires a strike over the plate that the Juggernaut smashes the seems of the ball off of, literally knocking the cover off the ball as the inner core still clears the fence.]

Nice shot. Hit 420 that hard and they will be pissing blood for a week..

..and crapping themselves quicker than Justine Kish when Felice Herrig nearly choked her out in that UFC fight on tv last week.. 

Alright, one more pitch. Get ready because here comes the heat!


[Ezra Zion winds up and hurls the white orb at full speed. The pitch accidentally gets away from him and drills the Juggernaut in the shoulder. The ball ricochets off his body and Justice Johnston fires up with wild eyes, immediately smashing the wooden bat over his knee like a twig then charging the mound like a runaway locomotive.]


[The shot zooms out back to the above aerial shot of Jinju Stadium as Ezra Zion runs for his live with Justice Johnston giving chase all over the baseball field before slowly fading to black.]

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