Hardcore Heaven

Roleplay Roleplay by KRISTIAN BANE
On Fri, May11, 2018 12:44pm America/Phoenix
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Hardcore Heaven
World Wrestling eXistence
New York’s Time Square
Fatal Fourway championship match
Dragonfly vs Gary Tonordi vs Kristian Bane vs Scott Grayse

-His door to his 2018 Ford F450 opens and out drops baggage and then comes Kristian Bane hopping out of his baby. Bane throws the keys to the valet and laughs and says “Good luck gettin’ in that monster” as the kid looks up bewildered. Bane walks into his home where he lets go of his bags and plops down on his couch. He flips on the tv and he see’s a special commercial for WWX on Time Square and his match is showcased as the Main Event! Bane sits up with thoughts running through his head.-

“It’s insane that we will be competing for the Hardcore Championship in the heart of Time Square. I’ve already heard Dragonfly talking his same old boring rhetoric. I see he has no idea what is in front of him. But we’ll get back to Dragonfly!”

-Bane looks at there is also Gary Tinordi and Scott Grayse in this match.-

“So here we have a stoner and a psychopath. (Chuckling) That could be a Netflix type show, but I'm sure the ratings would never spike and the show would quickly be cancelled due to sheer stupidity! Either of these losers thinks they’ll walk out as champion makes them more delusional than Scott Grayse’s entire career!”

-Bane snickers and gets himself a cold brewski.-

“Let’s look at the 3 of these luckless talents. None of them have done anything worth a damn. Look at Tinordi...Wow, whoop-de-|BLEEP|in-do you won the tag team belts… That doesn't make you a hardcore wrestler or champion, that just makes you a lackey to your partner, and makes you look pathetic!”

-Bane moves to Grayse…-

“If I'm correct, this would be the very first time we have ever faced each other. But, I have heard of you Scott. I have heard of your callous ways and how you love nothing more than to destroy peoples careers. Not me, you won't Grayse! You see I know what makes you tick, It’s that rusty ass hammer you found in your daddies tool shed! I ay you need to quit rummaging through the crap and focus on the match at-hand. You also need to come into reality and cope with the fact that I will walk out of ravage as the NEW WWX Hardcore Champion!”

-Bane hasn’t forgotten about Dragonfly.-

“You’re the TV champion, You are riding on a booty push from hell son! Whatever comes out of your mouth is nastier than that slime you call a tongue! You may keep your TV title after that bell rings but you won't be taking that Hardcore championship! That belt belongs to me!”

-The scene fades as Bane pushes the camera team out and the scene fades out.-

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