Hardcore hero

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Thu, Aug09, 2018 6:53am America/Phoenix
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Hardcore hero
(Scene opens backstage in the locker room area as Ravage draws to a close. Camera cuts to a shot of the new hardcore champion, Willie Steen, sitting in the locker room, joyfully talking on his cellphone. He has a bandage over his left eye and a shiny Hardcore Championship belt over his shoulder.)

Steen: Were they watching Reg?! Tell me they were.

(Steen listens to the other end and a triumphant smile spreads across his face.)

Steen: Well, what did they say? I got the part, right? I mean, how could I not? They said they wanted hardcore. Well, they just saw it with their own eyes. What could be more hardcore than the freakiní Hardcore Champion? 

(Steen listens intently)

Steen: Well, Iíll tell you what. If theyíre still not convinced, tell them to tune in for my encore performance this Friday on Fury. Hardcore Champion, Willie Steen, fearlessly and singlehandedly protects two helpless, damsels and distress in a match against three former champions. Now if that doesnít scream action hero, I donít know what does.

(Steen listens and nods)

Steen: Alright, perfect. Thanks Reg. See you in L.A. next week.

(Steen clicks off the phone and leans back in his chair admiring his belt. Scene fades to black)

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