Hardly Worth The Trouble

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Thu, Jun29, 2017 11:03pm America/Phoenix
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Hardly Worth The Trouble
The scene pans to a balcony from the hotel room of Rex McAllister. Rex is shown dressed down at this moment, sporting black athletic shorts and a pair black cleat shoes, along with a white muscle tee. The light on his balcony is dimly lit, as he is veering out at the many sights. Then, realizing the camera is firmly on him, he turns his attention toward it ready to speak. His confidence ever evident in everything he says.

Rex McAllister: What power is there in glory when clearly you don't show enough faith in your own God given abilities you've been blessed with in the first place to be that bright beacon that is to see you and your comrades to victory, Polaris?

Rex smiles, then shrugs before promptly continuing. 

Rex McAllister: At this point, your desperation to gain more influence in this company has you conflicted, and leaves you with nowhere to go but down. The glory given to you, it's not some light switch you can turn on and off as you please, Bishop Polaris. Going against the grain, what's that gonna do for you? Likely make you just another restless sad morbid soul, who didn't know how good he had it...what he had. You're so noticeably vulnerable, so willing to sever the lines of trust and level your confidence like a city-flattening tornado. 

Rex looks out again, shaking his head in disappointment. 

Rex McAllister: Who knows, perhaps guys like you donít trust in good things no more. Maybe awful things is all Godís got to remind you of that heís alive, Polaris, because your folly will spell your demise, and our fortune. You see, Polaris, there are only two most powerful situations when it comes to truly exhibiting who you are- being so small that you have nothing to lose or being so big that you don't care what you lose for your troubles. 

You can say all you want and aspire for things that realistically gives you no chance in the first place? As big as you are trying to be this time compared to the last? In the end it's hardly going to change a thing, and soon you will come to see that.

Rex now returns inside to his suite, admiring the inside of it, before turning his attention back toward the camera.

Rrx McAllister: The good thing about both Tommy and myself, the thing that makes us who we are today, who we evolved to? It never came at the expense of sacrificing what at its core made up every fiber of our very existence. We became something special in this business because we were born to be great, and then with every bit of that same fiber that made up our respective beings we went out and earned everything that we felt we rightfully deserved, and in the process the world, they were forced to respect us for it regardless if they liked us or hated us. 

After this, when the Lipton - McAllister tandem has once again dispatched yet another set of foes, and all the dust has settled, you'll easily find that glory is something that is already intertwined and simply a precursor to being great. Either way you try and twist it though, your glory is a false one, a fact that will be driven home in that ring at Mayhem. Believe in that! Now that was...Rexcellent!

Rex exudes unmistakable confidence, and then simply chuckles as he leaves the shot with scene slowly fading to black.


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