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[The camera opens up inside what appears to be a toy store. The camera moves in as kids can all be seen playing about. Rayne can be seen walking through the store looking around as an associate comes up].

Associate: Can I help you?

Rayne: Well, yes you can. I am looking for a hype train set. 

[The associate stands there confused].

Associate: A what?

Rayne: A hype train set. You know...the hype train?

Associate: *Laughs* I really have no idea what you're talking about. 

[Rayne stands back for a moment placing his hand over his mouth acting offended].

Rayne: You don't know what the hype train is?! How do you even function in daily life without it?

Associate: *Laughs* You're kidding me right?

Rayne: Come on man. You know. *throws his fingers up* #Hypetrain. All the kids are using it right?

Associate: No...no they are not. 

Rayne: Well sh*t...I mean im not allowed to say that. I really need to work on that. I mean, what kind of toy store are you all running here then. This is a high quality item! This is what everyone wants and I just wanted to get one!

Associate: Can you pull it up for me and show me what it is? Maybe I can look it up for you. 

Rayne: Sure. Hold on a second.

[Rayne reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone. He continuously types in Hype Train but nothing comes up. After doing this two or three times, he looks at the associate confused].

Rayne: Well, thats odd. I was sure that is what it was called. Ah, nevermind. I know what im looking for now. Do you all have dump cars?

Associate: Dump cars?

Rayne: Yeah. Thats what the hype train is. A dump car. It comes through and people pile their sh*t into it. Oops, I did it again. 

Associate: Lets go to the train sets.

[The associate walks Rayne back to the train sets as the camera fades briefly].


Some Time Later


[The camera opens up inside what appears to be the living room of Rayne’s house. Sitting on a cherry wood table, a train set appears to be set up. Rayne can be seen, controller in hand, pushing the trigger as the train moves around the track flawlessly].

Rayne: Hey everyone. I apologize for the delay there. Didnt figure traffic was where you wanted to see me. After some time, the associate and I were able to come together and figure out exactly what I was looking for. Look at this.

[The camera pans back down to the train as it continues to flow around the track].

Rayne: Unbeknownst to me, the cool kids arent using the hype train hashtag. As much as he continues to push it forward, i guess it doesnt seem to connect with the crowd. *Sarcastically* Much like most of what ive done i guess. Its like...people dont like me or something. 

[Rayne laughs for a moment and continues speaking].

Rayne: Now, I am sure that right about now Ray is walking around some street surrounded by hobos and is going to tell you all that I am just doing everything that I was doing before and talking about how I am going to beat him, and that its repetitive, and go back to my “trash talk” I think is how he put it. I apologize that I am not fluent in street slang like you are, I was able to remove myself from the trash that surrounded me and rise above. It appears however, only one of us was able to do that. 

[The train continues to flow around the track going through the tunnel].

Rayne: You see Kurtis, I dont have to worry about Trash Talk, or mimicing, or trying to insult my opponent. Most times, they do it to themselves. You however are subtle about it and I appreciate that. Here me out here. I know that you are going to tell me that I am being repetitive, I expect that out of you. But when you are saying all this, are you are telling me is that you arent paying attention. You and I arent so different, and I can see and hear that as you go along. This is both our second round here, our reborn phase if you will, and we are on the same path, traveling towards the same thing, at exactly the same speed. Eventually, our paths were bound to collide. 

[Rayne slowly being to release the trigger].

Rayne: You see Kurtis, when a train is moving, there are certain things that it must do. You have to activate the lights at your stops, make sure that you are communicating with your dispatch, stop and pick up your loads as you go, and make sure that everything arrives as necessary. There are numerous hazards that can take place during this. Animals on the track, people on the track, weather delays which you brought to light with that cool shirt, and of course mechanical issues. When those mechanical issues happen, those unexpected things, bad things can happen.

[Rayne reaches down and pulls out a piece of track. The train moves forward but then starts to topple as he slows it down].

Rayne: Its those sudden things that are what make you take that misstep, and then havoc ensues. I guess I havent been clear to you where weve been speaking about our match and thats fine. The thing about this match coming in is that I know that I can beat you. I know that i can pin you. However, I know its going to be a long road doing it. Its not going to be just a quick get into the ring, do the job, and leave. You didnt have your heart in our last match and I knew that. This time around, I know that you do. Like going around the track, you and I are going to put on a five star match plain and simple. We are going to go the distance. Like this train, you and I are going to go along the track. 

[Rayne smashes into the trigger as the train comes falling apart and crashing all over the table. Rayne walks over the to mess and reaches down picking up one with a white paint on the side that says #Hypetrain. He holds onto it for a moment and then continues speaking].

Rayne: The only thing about it is, during our match, you are going to hit that misstep. You are going to make that one fatal error. I am not standing here telling you that I am going to beat you into oblivion. I am not standing here saying that the road that I am taking is going to be an easy one. What I am saying is that I am going to watch as you avoid the hazards, move forward on the track, and eventually, mess up. 

[Rayne stares into the camera as he continues speaking].

Rayne: It will be when that mechanical error hits and the whole train derails. And when that moment hits Kurtis, WHEN IT HITS...that...is when I will strike. I know what we are getting ourselves into and I intend to take every moment of it. I intend to take the beating you intend to deliver, the hard shots, whatever you want to bring. And I know you are going to be set to take everything that I have to give. I know all this already. You can say what you want about me Kurtis and I will accept every bit of it. Nothing you do or say is going to get under my skin because the only focus I have is climbing the mountain. The only focus I have is gaining the last piece of gold that I need to solidify my career and my direction. You are the roadblock, the hazard that is in my way on my path. The difference between us is that I know what lies on the road ahead, the hazards, and how they are not going to be easy ones to overcome. I know what you bring to the table, what you are about, and what it takes to bring you down. I have your heart in this one, your all, and I cannot wait to see it come full force. Its the Rayne Kurtis...and I cant wait for you to feel it. 

[Rayne looks at the train for a moment with an arrogant smirk].

Rayne: All aboard! 

[He lets out a small laugh as he walks out of camera view and the scene fades].

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