Head and Shoulders

Roleplay Roleplay by KURTIS RAY
On Tue, Jun06, 2017 9:56pm America/Phoenix
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Head and Shoulders
(A loudspeaker crackles to life, playing a long tone.)

VOICE: Ten minutes to air! Mr. Ray, please report to Sound Stage 3.

(The camera focuses in on a chair in front of a make-up mirror. The face of the seat's occupant is currently blocked by a woman in hear late thirties to early forties applying make-up, but the bright red hair visible over the back of the seat leaves little question to who it is. The make-up woman leans back, looking at Kurtis for a moment, before smiling and stepping away. Kurtis looks in the mirror for a moment, quirking his lips, before nodding. The woman smiles a bright smile, but before she can say anything a production assistant comes to grab her, leading her away. Kurtis looks at the mirror again, picking up a blending sponge and going to work on  fixing his makeup so he's satisfied with it.)

KURTIS: What a joke I am. All I've done in the past month is throw away my supporters. You know what I'm going to say before I say it. More beautiful, empty words from the least exciting champion in the history of champions. You wave your lips and screech and people cheer. And you're too caught up in people cheering. All those people shrieking for you, making you buy into their idea that their support means anything. But you want to know a secret, Outlaw? Whether the fans love you or hate you, what matters is what you do in the ring.

(Kurtis pauses for a moment, looking at several tubes on the table before selecting a tube of fairly light-colored foundation and squeezing some out onto the sponge, continuing on his journey to making himself look presentable for whatever it is he's due on stage for.)

KURTIS: You're right about one thing. For the past little while, it seems like we're caught in the same old cycle. You work yourself into a lather, I do the same. We collide, one of us gets an edge over the other, and we do it all again. After I won the title I gave you your rematch without question out of some misguided sense of sportsmanship. I thought you deserved it and let's be frank, you proved that you did when you lucked out, dropped me on a chair, and got a pinfall. No matter how great you think you are, just remember that I beat you by taking you to your limit. And I'll be frank, Syd. I hope that tears you apart somewhere deep inside.

(Kurtis smirks, leaning closer to the mirror for a moment and then continuing to blend, resulting in a much more natural look than what the makeup girl had left him with.)

KURTIS: This time isn't going to be the same as last time, Syndicate. It's not going to be the same as all of the other times. I've got nothing to prove to you, and I've got nothing to prove to the legion of clods you're so proud of having on your side. Thousands of people will be on deck to see you beat me ass, and they're going to be just as disappointed as you are when I walk away with that belt you put so much onus upon. As I've proven time and time again, my situation at Outrage is one that benefits me, and you don't have the benefit of props this time to put me out. Just like four months ago, when I beat you the last time, I'm going to warm up on Darkness, and then I'm gonna light you up like a Christmas tree.

(Kurtis tosses the makeup sponge into a bin, taking a moment to fix his hair and tighten his tie.)

KURTIS: You say I've been acting like a loser, that I haven't been improving. Cameron Westport made that mistake too, and look what happened. Look at Krimson Blaze. Look at Xavier Pendragon. Hell, look at you, when I left you laying on your back TWICE and you couldn't do anything to me. You wanna operate under the delusion that you stand a chance against me? All you have to look forward to is getting rinsed, buddy boy. The hype train may be gone, but lucky you, the K-Train will be right on time.

(The speaker crackles to life again and plays the paging tone.)

VOICE: Mr. Ray, please report to Sound Stage 3! Five minutes to air.

(Kurtis grins, pointing up in the air.)

KURTIS: I'm not even sure what this is for, but whatever. Any publicity is good publicity, all of that. Catch ya later, champ.

(Kurtis flashes a peace sign at the camera, before twisting his hand around and blowing a raspberry at the camera. He lausghs, shoving his hands in his pockets as he walks away, disappearing into a large crowd of PAs and grips and the like. The camera pans away, turning just in time to catch a panel with a WWX logo on it rolling by, and then cuts to black.)

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