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[A barefoot man wearing solid white sweat pants with a black zip up hoody lifted over his head is squared up on a heavy bag in the corner of a near-empty gym. It's late and his mentor - Midas Guerrero is holding the bag, the two seem to have their run of the place. The hoody is pulled down to show the demonic style luchador mask of DragonFly, soaked in sweat, using this kick and punch bag session as a cool down after a rigorous full day work out. It isn't long until the unmistakable thud of fists and feet on padding is heard. It's loud, making the whole room "pop" with every landed shot. They come quickly at first, then slow and methodical as the process repeats. After a few solid flurries, Midas pokes his head out from behind the bag.]

-Midas Guerrero-  

"Y'know, this is it. The chance you have been waiting for, the opportunity of a lifetime!" 

(He throws a couple punches and a spinning heel kick, then answers.)

DragonFly: "..Syn-dic-ate.. - ..is.. - ..go-ing.. - ..down.."

(Another few punches and alternating kicks hit their mark with crisp impact.)

-Midas Guerrero-

“That's right, you got this! All the blood, sweat and tears, all the work we've been putting into this is about to pay off, I can feel it! Irvine isn't going to know what hit him!"

(DragonFly smirks and throws a spinning back elbow followed up by an overhand right hook then adds a lower knee strike to the combination.)

-Midas Guerrero-

 “Ready to take five? We've been here all day..”

(DragonFly ignores the words, throwing even more strike combinations at the bag. These are harder, forcing Midas to do his job of stabilizing the heavy bag. DragonFly rears back and throws one last bomb before eying the camera again.)

DragonFly: "The real work is going to be on Ravage. Sidney is in for a fight he won't soon forget. I've been doing my homework and Syndicate has skill in the ring, there is no denying it but Sidney Irvine is also more vulnerable than ever before after losing the World Title in a Hell in a Cell Japanese style Deathmatch.. That is why I am here, putting in the hard hours, doing what needs to be done so I can perform at my very best and so that I will be prepared to display my full repertoire against a competitor who has had more title shots than the rest of the entire WWX roster, combined.”  

-Midas Guerrero- 

"It's exciting isn't it?"

(DragonFly lips curl into a smile under the horned luchador mask.)

DragonFly: "Si. I missed it."

-Midas Guerrero- 

"I know y'did, amigo! That's why we are gonna remind these guys that even the best need somebody to worry about."

DragonFly: "Make no mistake about it.. This is going to be a brawl..”

-Midas Guerrero- "You're damn right it will ese’!"

DragonFly: "This is going to show us where we stand in the grand scheme of things."

-Midas Guerrero- "You're damn right it is vato!"

DragonFly: "We're jumping right into the deep end here with no life preservers and this is sink or swim time. It will be fight or flight and I never run from a challenge, ever.”

(DragonFly turns to pivot with a 360 degree jumping wheel kick to the camera, sending the feed to static.] 

*ELAPSED TIME; 5 minutes, 32 seconds.

[The scene fades into the musty gym of the Ruthless Wrestling Academy where DragonFly is working a bag furiously in the same black sweats with his hands and feet taped up. He takes a fighting stance before unleashing a flurry of strong snapping punches into the bag alternating with lightning quick kicks while his mentor Midas Guerrero watched on with a stopwatch. Sweat flung from his masked maim as DragonFly pounds into the bag with grunt after grunt.]

-- Midas Guerrero --

"Nice, now give me a combination now, left, right, uppercut roundhouse. Go."

[DragonFly did as instructed with a left, a right and an uppercut into a high leg roundhouse kick as Midas used the girth of his weight to steady the bag. Midas gives the nod, which is the signal to go for another combo.  The sound of leather pounding leather is music to the ears of DragonFly’s mentor as he watched his pupil rip into the bag with sheer fury when a sudden interruption enters the room. Midas holds up a hand and DragonFly pulls his last punch an inch short of the bag.]

-- Midas Guerrero --

"That's good, take five. I think these boys are here to see you."

[Midas Guerrero nods to the camera as DragonFly casts a stern stare with nostrils flaring. Both hands now resting on the hips, his chest beating with short, controlled breaths.]

“Sydney Irvine.”

“I have been quiet with you until now, and it's not because I am speechless. Far from it and as you can see, I have been training extremely hard for my next match with the individual who goes by the name of Syndicate or as he calls himself, The Los Angeles Outlaw.. I have also psychically prepared to face Sydney Irvine from Apter. Regardless of whichever of the two faces show up, I will be ready.”

[DragonFly stepped over to the old and worn wrestling ring, then made a grab for a bottle of water. Unscrewing the cap, a long sip was taken and in seconds half the bottle was gone. Grabbing a white towel, the beads of sweat were wiped away from his bare chest. DragonFly took his time about talking to the cameras, who by now had situated right in front of him for a tight close up shot of his masked face. Finally, the current reining hardcore champion and last ever Television Champion glanced up toward the camera with his neon yellow orbs shaped as two blazing suns.]


[Midas Guerrero gave a knowing nod in the background as he looked on with both arms folded across his massive frame.]

“I have had time to think about what happened in my past and learnt how to control my emotions, how to harness those thoughts and feelings.. how to use that to my advantage as my motivating driving force to get to the top. I doubled my training to become stronger and more flexible than ever before. I feel healthy and am in better shape than sydney Irvine can be in after losing the world title in a C-4 loaded Japanese style Hell in a Cell match. My cardio conditioning is exactly where it needs to be for me to prove myself as one of wrestlings true top talents.” 

[He leans against the edge of the ring apron and continues.]

“You are going to get one hundred percent of my energy, focus and aggression all rolled into a single package and the WWX Universe will find out just how much of this you can handle. (gestures to himself) and try as you might, nothing will break me.”

“I'm ready for this fight Sydney. Are you prepared for hands like breeze blocks, kicks that concuss, speed like the wind of a hurricane or the plethora of ways to bend you like a pretzel?"

[DragonFly tilts his head as the comment resonates, his brow arched as he watched the camera. He went quiet, for an almost uncomfortable amount of time before breaking the silence.]

"Do not underestimate me, Irvine because someone like me? Doesn't just "go away" Sidney.. However, should you win, I will congratulate you, shake your hand and raise your arm as the victor because THAT is what type of man I have become but it should be obvious and go without saying that I did not come this far to lose.”

“I have heard about your past history in wrestling, about how proud you were to have accomplished all that you have done here and it all sounds impressive but this is a 'what have you done for me lately' business and around here you're only as good as your last match.”

[He held up a finger, adding more of his thoughts.]

“It takes dedication to do what we do and there are sacrifices that everyone has to make. The sacrifices I made? Will not be in vein. I will give credit where credit is due because you do deserve that recognition, Irvine. I've had time to mature into what a man should be outside of the ring and grow into the most fierce competitor that I know how to be inside of it.”

“Respect will be given from me to those who deserve and earn it. Not for those who patronize or pander. You're good Sidney, I will give you that.. however this is not about who is good. or bad. or Great. or Rexellent. Or even Astonishing.”

“It is about one thing and one thing only.”

“It is about proving who is the BETTER MAN on this given night.”

“It is about fighting for what that WWX represents.”

“It is about being the best.”

[Snapping his head at the camera, DragonFly beckoned them closer, it approached and zoomed in for a close up shot.]

“I am here to be the best and if that means I have to go through you to maximize my potential, then that is the way it will be. I am here to become an honorable, respectable Champion that leads by example and I am here to do things the right way. So bring your best Sidney Irvine from Apter and do your worst Syndicate the LA Outlaw.. because that is exactly what you will get from me.”

“I have defeated rookies, veterans, champions and even future legends yet no match means more to me than this one. It doesn't matter how much lip service we give to our fans watching at home or the hyperbole we spin on it, its about simply getting the job done and when it comes to that, our records speak for themselves." 

(The camera fades out on DragonFly, eyes emblazed with a determination and motivation burning in his pupils as the screen slowly fades to darkness.)

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