Hello, my old friend

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Mon, Jan15, 2018 5:14pm America/Phoenix
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Hello, my old friend
The camera opens to the outside of a Los Angeles sushi restaurant. The lettering is in japanese. The camera goes through the curtains and into the restaurant. The interior is entirely done on wood. The restaurant is not full, only a couple of patrons sit on the tables. The cameraman walks through the restaurant to arrive at an isolated table, separated from the lobby by a curtain. The cameraman opens the curtain and steps inside. Jake Devine sits in a bench, his wife Megan sitting next to him, holding his arm, as they are served sake. Jake notices the camera and gestures for it.

Jake: Come on in, eXistence. Take a seat.

Jake points at the other side of the table. The cameraman sits and Jake takes a sip of his sake.

Jake: You may be wondering, "Jake, where have you been for the past 3 months?". Well, I was having contract issues with the WWX, which prevented me from competing, so I was travelling the world. I wrestled in Europe, Japan, Australia, Mexico, and now that my contract issues have been settled, I can finally come back to a WWX ring! And just in time for the Crusade Cup too. Exciting, isn't it? Jake Devine is back home. And oh boy, am I hungry for success.

Megan: Hello, WWX! We are back!

Megan waves her hands for the camera, and gives Jake a kiss. Jake smiles for the camera, and grabs the chopsticks. He holds a piece of salmon sushi.

Jake: So, let's start off by saying what I have been up to. I have mentioned I have been working overseas since I have not been able to compete here with the WWX. My first stop was in the United Kingdom. In the UK, they wrestle with a very technical, lock-heavy style. Being able to improve on the technical aspect of my wrestling, given that I am already a mat wrestler by heart, was great. I improved my holds and locks greatly. Of course, I wasn't pinned once. My next stop was Japan. Home of strong style puro. There is no wrestling style that is as physically intense as japanese wrestling, I have to admit. I worked on my strikes and kicks there, and again, I wasn't pinned once. Next stop was Australia. There, they focus on grabs and suplexes. I saw moves I had never seen before there. My moveset was expanded by spending three weeks there. I also visited Megan's family. And once more, I was not pinned a single time. My last stop was Mexico. Everyone knows the fast-paced luchador style. I doned a mask and competed as El Grande Divíno there. I can jump off the top rope like a cruiserweight now. I'm faster than before. And as you know, I was not pinned once.

Jake eats the sushi he was holding, and takes a sip of his sake to wash it down.

Jake: Obviously, I am a more complete package now than I was before. Over the past 3 months, I worked on every single aspect of my wrestling skill. I am more dangerous than before, and I am definitely ready to step back inside a WWX ring. I am ready to win the Crusader cup. And my first opponent is an old friend of mine. Heh. Seems like we've done this a lot now, Steen. The Jake Devine x Willie Steen rivalry continues once more. I mean, I don't know if it counts as a rivalry anymore if I am the only one who wins, but you get the idea. We've faced each other multiple times and we know each other's styles better than anyone else in that locker room. However, as I said before, I am more dangerous than before now. My style is the same, but I am better than I was when we last fought. I'm improved in every single aspect. You will have to try a lot harder than before to defeat me.

Jake takes another piece of the sushi and plops it into his mouth.

Jake: However I must admit that you are a dangerous opponent yourself. You hold both the WWX Television and Tag Team championships at the moment. As you may have noticed I was placed in the Television division per my own request, so I plan on taking that championship off your waist in the future. So, what do you say, my old friend, that if I beat you, I get a title shot at the next Ravage? This goes for the board of directors as well. I'm hungry to prove myself, and naturally, I should be aiming for a championship opportunity. When I defeat you, Steen, I will prove that I am a big deal still, and I want that title of yours sitting around my shoulder.

Megan eats the last of the sushi, as Jake finishes his sake. They both stand up from the table, and Jake takes his wallet from his pocket.

Jake: Don't let that fool you. My aim is still to win the Crusade Cup. I just want to have a bit of gold until I get my World championship title shot. Steen, and eventually Mellon. Be ready for me.

Jake and Megan walk through the curtain and leave the table. The camera fades to black.

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