Help?! Are you Serious?

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Sat, Feb10, 2018 12:51am America/Phoenix
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Help?! Are you Serious?
*Hex Girl is standing in front of the camera with a barbed wire bat leaning against one leg. She starts talking to the camera.*

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby! I thought you knew me better than that. You put your title on the line against Tommy Lipton and you think that just because we are in a feud that I'm going to help that bag of hot air win. Have you taken total leave of your senses?

*Holds up her hands* 

I know I've been playing with your brain like a cat plays with a ball of yarn but I don't think I've unwound the whole ball just yet. You wanna be the big angry bear. Ok. I'll be the |BLEEP|camper poking the bear with a sharp stick. By the way before you say that the |BLEEP|campers that do that get eaten by angry bears. My retort is, not the ones that can out run the idiots with them. 

*Looks to the side. Shot jump cuts to the new angle.* 

Tommy you're the idiot I'm outrunning. Honestly Tommy as much fun as it is to cost Mellon matches I'm not going to deliberately help you win his title from him. I've already called dibs on it and partially paid for it with a month in the hospital. So at this point even if you were to ask me to help you I'd be quoting Jim Cornette in saying Thank you, |BLEEP| you, Bye.

*She picks up the barbed wire bat and gives it a quick heft.*

Right now both of you are in the way of what is mine. Now hurry up get this sissy fight over with so Bobby and me can get mean and nasty and I can take my title at Aftershock. 

*She swings the bat at the camera which goes black on impact.*

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