HELP meee!!!

Roleplay Roleplay by GIMMICK JONES
On Tue, Jul10, 2018 9:24pm America/Phoenix
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HELP meee!!!
[Gimmick Jones is hunched over next to a green and garbage stained dumpster in the alleyway wincing and wheezing between deep gasping breaths for oxygen as his hands rest on both knees. An asthma inhaler is pulled from the front pouch pocket of the black and crimson blood dripping letters that spell out #PendragonSlayer on his long sleeve sweatshirt hoodie and rattles it then breathes in a couple of pumps as Jones glances at the camera with angst and worry showing in his eyes.]

-Gimmick Jones-
 Goddamned smoker lungs.. hey, camera chick. Please listen to me very, very carefully, ok? Put down the camera and GET HELP!! 

[The camera stays focused on Gimmick Jones who begins to sweat profusely as he climbs head first into the trash bin and peeks out from under the lid inside the dumpster with a bruised brown banana peel resting on his shoulder..]

Gimmick Jones: (whispering) “That’s it! I’m calling for back up..”

[Gimmick Jones retrieves a cheap prepaid phone and dials an emergency contact.]


-???- “Whaddup? This is E. Legal Insurance, where money talks. Speak ta me.”

Gimmick Jones: “There’s 5 thousand G’s in my bank account, it’s all yours if you can stop this pissed off Giant stalker from using me as a human toothpick to pluck the crap out from between the teeth on that Turd eating grin.”

E. Legal: “I heard about dat lil’ stunt you pulled wit anotha’ man’s meal and a five dollar footlong? That’s cold blooded, brah. Even for a douchebag like you, who most definitely deserves ta get cha @$$ beatdown fo somethin’ like that yo but long as the check clears.. That’s all that matters.”

Gimmick Jones: “So.. y-you are coming now to end this, right? Just wondering because we are outside the Canada Bowl and my 6 pins game is good enough to make the tourney. We could be like the guys in that bowling movie where the dude’s name becomes an expression but instead of getting “Munsoned” in a bad way, the term ‘Jonesed’ will be used in the greatest of ways! Hello?” 

(Dead Dial Tone. Gimmick Jones throws the phone in a fit of fear and anger. It shatters against the red brick and mortar bowling alley building. The noise giving away his previously unknown location. A powerful pair of bright white headlights blind the camera and a loud 18 Wheeler truck horn sounds off as the massive vehicle SLAMS into the industrial size garbage bin. Gimmick Jones is seen crawling through the back door of the bowling alley building as the driver’s door on the 18 Wheeler swings open and out steps the Giant Polar Bear, ‘Arctic’ Airen Frost.)

{To Be Continued..}

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