Roleplay Roleplay by DRAGONFLY
On Thu, Apr12, 2018 9:01pm America/Phoenix
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+ A movie projector begins rolling and casts a beam of light onto a wall size screen +
+ The theater lights darken to a dull dim and the countdown from five to one begins +

Damian Hendrix. You and I share some similar skills. We have a few trait similarities.
Both of us are the same age and height. We both bring unique intensity and quick to take flight.


I applaud your abilities but do not mistake respect with fear. I WANT you to Unleash the Beast. 


This is the perfect opportunity for you to show the wrestling world what you are capable of doing in a match custom made for a self proclaimed SAVAGE in the ring. Take down anyone and everyone.  

Use that adrenaline to rage. No matter who it is or how many combatants step in your way. 

Perhaps I will enjoy a bird's eye view from above or inside one of the four Elimination Chamber pods, depending on luck of the draw. Watching. Waiting for the right time to strike. 


+ DragonFly sits alone in an otherwise empty Movie Theater with a box of buttered up popcorn +

You won't know when.

You won't know how.

You won't know where.

You won't even know who but we ALL know the why.

+ The WWX Television Championship Title sparkles on the silver screen +

I am ready to endure and inflict pain onto thee. Are you trult ready for this Damian Hendrix?

*Close up shot of a masked smile*

We're going to find at Armada, inside the Iron Web that is the Elimination Chamber. Don't be late.

+ F +

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