Here To Help

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Jan26, 2018 11:11pm America/Phoenix
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Here To Help
*The camera comes to life inside the black Chevy Tahoe. The Tahoe is driving down an undeclosed road. Darkness is seen sitting in the back on the passenger side.  A man is sitting beside Darkness. The identity of the man is unknown at the moment.*

Darkness: Why the hell are you here? Did she send you?

?? Man: I'm here because you need help. You may not think you do but in all actuality you need it more than you think and yes she contacted me. 

Darkness: Why do y'all feel the need to interfere in my life. I've done told her several times over that I don't need help.

*Darkness taps the driver and tells him to stop the Tahoe. The driver complies and the Tahoe comes to a stop. Darkness steps out of the Tahoe and notices it has never left the arena parking lot.*

Darkness: What the hell is this crap? What kind of stunt are you trying to pull here.

?? Man: I was just trying to give us some time to talk. 

Darkness: Talk about what? The fact that both of you think I need help. Like I've told her many times over I don't need her help and I most definitely don't need yours. Why does everybody think I need help. All I need is for people to leave me alone. Let me figure this out on my own. 

?? Man: We don't mean any harm. We just want to help you get your life back on track. 

Darkness. There's that damn word again. How many times do I have to tell you I don't need anybody's help. There is nothing wrong with my life. As a matter of fact in my opinion it is right on track. After I defeat Xavier I will be right where I want to be and that is back in the hunt for the Undisputed championship.  It will happen Xavier. No matter what you do or what you try you will fall. You can say all you want Xavier but the only reason you are where you are is because of sheer luck and that case. If it wasn't for that case do you really think you would have been able to be Syndicate on your own. Face to face. Do you really think you would be able to do it. I don't think so Xavier. 

*Darkness begins to walk towards his car.*

?? Man: El....

*Darkness stops suddenly and turns around stopping the man in mid word.*

Darkness: You do not get to use that name anymore. At this time that person does not exist. He hasn't existed for a very long time.

?? Man: No, that person still exist. He is just lost. That is why I am here to he....

Darkness: Don't you dare say it. I can guarantee nothing is going to get that person back. He is gone. As for you Xavier, I can guarantee you that I will not need any help on Ravage. The man you see before you will be the man that will knock you off your perch. Nobody will be there to help you not even your lovely Beatrice and don't worry as much as Syndicate wants to get his hands on you, he will not interfere. 

*Darkness heads back to his car once again. Once he gets to his car he opens the door but pauses.*

Darkness: As for you... go back home and leave me alone.

*Darkness gets into the car and shuts the door. The camera fades as Darkness drives off.*

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