Here to take care of business

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Fri, Sep22, 2017 11:54pm America/Phoenix
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Here to take care of business
(Scene opens at Dublin Airport in Dublin, Ireland. The terminal is bustling with busy travelers meandering from terminal to terminal. Camera closes on a baggage claim desk near the middle of the airport. Standing at the desk is WWX superstar, Willie Steen. An attendant hands Steen a duffel bag. He grabs the bag and slings it over his shoulder. He then turns around and scans the airport with a disinterested sneer on his face. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a stick of gum. He opened the wrapper and stuff the gum into his mouth. As he does, a wide-eyed and excited young boy comes running up to him.)

Boy:  Willie!! Willie Steen! Youíre my favorite wrestler. 

(The boy holds up a pen and an autograph book.)

Boy: Can I have your autograph?

(Steen crumples up the wrapper and tosses it away without so much as glancing at the young fan.)

Steen: No

(Steen adjusts the bag on his shoulder and walks away, leaving the crestfallen young fan behind. Camera follows him as he approaches his assistant, Liz Brooks at the rent-a-car station.)

Steen: You get the car yet? Iím trying to get the hell outta this stinkhole. 

Liz: Just signing the paperwork. Relax.

Steen: This place sucks. You know I hate these crowded flights into these cheap airports. Why couldnít you have at least gotten me a JetBlue flight. 

Liz: You know, youíre lucky that I even got us a flight. Youíre still technically on the no-fly list after that stunt you pulled at the airport.

Steen: Which one?

Liz: The fact that you can recall multiple incidents proves my point. 

(Liz signs one final document and the receptionist hands her a set of keys. She gathers her bags and heads with Steen out towards the parking garage. As they make their way outside, Steen brushes shoulders with bystander.)

Steen: Watch where youíre going, moron.

Liz: Whatís your deal anyway? Youíve been very touchy lately. Like, more so than usual.

(Steen shakes his head)

Liz: After all, isnít this what youíve been waiting for? A chance to earn a World Championship opportunity. For weeks, you wouldnít shut up about it. Now itís like your mind is somewhere else. You need to get your head back on track.

Steen: My head is fine, Liz. Donít worry about World Series. I . . .

(Steen pauses as his phone begins buzzing in his pocket. Steen pulls out his phone and looks at the screen. He swipes the screen and puts the phone up to his ear.)

Steen: Hello . . . Yeah, I just landed . . . Yeah, I know . . . I got it . . . I got it . . . Yeah, bye.

(Steen puts the phone back in his pocket and continues walking without a word.)

Liz: Uh . . . you wanna tell me who that was? 

Steen: Not really.

(Steen and Liz arrive at the car. Steen grabs the keys from Liz)

Steen: Iíll drive

(They load their belongings into the trunk and Liz enters from the passenger side door. As Steen makes his way toward the driver side door, his phone buzzes again, this time with a text message. Steen pulls out his phone and reads the message. He then pockets his phone and opens the door. He breathes a deep heavy sigh and stares off in thought. After a second, he enters the vehicle and shuts the door behind. The sound of the engine roaring to life echoes throughout the lot. Scene fades to black.)

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