Here Today....Gone Tomorrow

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Thu, Sep13, 2018 10:17am America/Phoenix
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Here Today....Gone Tomorrow
The scene pans to an old abandoned warehouse in Rome. It's night time. There is a fire shown bonfire shown burning in the main shot. Not seen right away completely is the figure that's adding to the fire in the background. Soon it's revealed to be Rex McAllister. Rex is shown throwing lots of small boxes into the fire making it burn more. This is soon followed up by a few bigger boxes. All these boxes are sealed shut. What's in them, only he knows whether they have personal, sentimental value. One thing becomes obvious though during these moments of adding to the fire. He's seemingly intent on laying everything he has on the line just one more time, and if he loses and his career were to end, then how fitting it would be being that he was destroying things that must have some meaning to him.

He's shown in a white tshirt and dirty dark blue jeans. He's sweating profusely from the activity plus being near a growing fire. He stops to sit in a nearby seat. He takes in the fumes from the fire a bit, and then stares into the fire endlessly, a fire that seem to depict the one that was coursing through him at this moment. He begins to speak.

In for a bad night, am I? 

Rex McAllister: Truth be told, Kurtis, I've known many amongst many bad nights in my existence here. But for the many that there have been, it's those that believed they were something beyond comprehension, something more than they really were who eventually discovered in the end how much worse their's would come to be after The Rex Master showed them all the peril they'd be missing out on otherwise once they fell at his feet. 

For you, someone who's proved to be notoriously weak internally should never be likening themselves to a monster.

You donít even any fully understand who you wish to be to comprehend what it is that I am.

And you don't know mercy.

Rex McAllister: Youíve spent your entire existence here weak. Over the last year or so, with every second, every hour, every day, every week you've spent building walls around your frail existence, dedicating yourself to ways you now look in the mirror in disgust for. Every moment you spent in agony, questioning if what you had been doing up until that very point was no more than a blow to the structure youíd built, and itís become abundantly clear to me I was the one to finally send it toppling over many moons ago when those parasitic leeches likened to me for one night with each merciless blow I laid upon you in the New Jersey Meadowlands. And then from there you tucked your tail and ran away again, just like you're known for. You only now seem to recognize everything you lived by was an unmitigated lie, and yet, you dare try to compare yourself to the man who opened your eyes, someone who's long proven to be your better?

Rex slowly turns toward the camera with a stone cold glare.

Rex McAllister: Breaking your hope, beating you senselessly into near unconsciousness, shattering your confidence. Do you understand the difference between redemption and mercy? I've lived and learned long enough to experience both in this company. The difference lies in power, and you have shown you just don't have it. You've never had it, and that's why you're weak. Thatís the difference between you and I, and itís the difference between myself and every other fool thatís crossed my path! Every other piece of trash thatís come along, playing by their imaginary rules that have made them no more to me than prey. Theyíve been no more to me than a means to an end. They were the cogs in my machine, and each and every single one of them fell in line, and now so too will you.

Rex pauses, pent up rage inside, gritting his teeth.

Rex McAllister: Since the very moment I stepped into a ring, Iíve had the power to hurt others whenever I so please. Why? Because I can. Thatís all thereís ever been to it since I decided that I wished to take my position back at the top of this place. I did so until someone decided to see to it that I lost that. But rest assured, it was done masterfully in such a way that will never be replicated ever again. Itís was so very simple to do, and yet you parasites racked your brains attempting to understand it all. Youíve lived lives based on fairy tales where people strive to be heroic figures that put their lives on the line to defend what is right. Youíve spent your miserable existences chasing something you could never fully grasp, but youíve witnessed me taking what I desired without an equal to stop me. You all saw me make good on my word. You spit at me and you point your fingers and call me a monster, but I believe the true monsters are the ones who hide in the shadows driven to the point of insanity by their broken little morals, but that was never you, was it? It's just like you said, Kurtis. You were just a novelty act....just acting, right? You've just been wandering adrift, lost at sea. So many have squandered their power, but Iíve never been interested in doing so. Iíve never been amused by the games you measly pathetic parasites play anymore. The one time that I did, I was made to regret it. Never again. Now all I want is to maim those I find in front of me, but never once have I gone so far as to leave them completely unable to step inside a ring again. Not once have I ever simply ended their lives.

Thatís power.

Thatís mercy.

Rex McAllister: The ability to pull the executionerís switch, and yet never doing so. What fun would the World be if I spent it alone, sitting atop your pathetic corpses? I take no pleasure in putting you out of your misery. The struggle you give is what makes it all worth my while, Kurtis, just like you will come Coliseum. You have come to be a truly exceptional toy for everyone else's amusement, and that makes you absolutely no different from any other who's marched up to my stead seeking all the same things you are at this time from me. You are weak, Kurtis, and you will always be so in my eyes. Believe it or not, this is what Iíve wanted more so than anything. It's been that for me for a while now. Not a piece of gold, not some boring accolade to put up on a mantle. This is a true trophy - pushing a good man to his breaking point and then stomping out the embers of what remains. Nothing satisfies me more than this. The look in their eyes, the absolute disgust for me. Every single time they clinch their fists so tightly thinking about caving in my skull with a chair, or a baseball bat, whatever can satiate their thirst for my blood to spill out all over the canvas. I love it. Make no mistake, Kurtis, you aren't everything Iíve ever wanted in an enemy, but you'll do, rest assured. You're an exceptional feral dog.

Rex stands back up. He picks up a box, looks it over. It's labeled WWX on it. He tosses it into the fire.

Yet, youíre still a dog.

Still a mere mongrel.

Still weak.

Rex McAllister: For all of your big, scary talk, we both know the truth of it. We both know what kind of a man you truly are when you strip away the pageantry, and that scowl upon your face. Deep down inside you, you are still no more than the Kurtis Ray we've all known you to be. You are still an honorable man. You are still a fool. You will fight for your life, thereís no doubt about that. You will scratch and you will claw to survive once we step inside of that ring, but that is as far as you will ever go anymore. If you had what it takes - if you had true power - you would kill me this week at Coliseum. You would literally beat me to death and end all of this once and for all, to be the savior that Tommy couldn't be, that Korath couldn't, that Rayne couldn't, not even Syndicate. Yet, you wonít. You wonít, and you never will. You fool nobody with all of your hollow words. We all know what brings you to this dance, and itís not a thirst for my blood. Your eyes are still on re-establishing momentum that is long gone, and thatís all itíll ever be until you no longer exist here. You still cling to that ridiculous little dream of facing off for a World Championship just one more time. What you desire more than anything is to beat me, and get back to clawing your way back up the mountain. You haven't changed. How disappointing. Truly disappointing. You will no doubt leave me perfectly able to keep going, and all you will fight for is to simply win. The same mistake you made before, you will make again. Itís no surprise to me. None of you will ever learn. For as many bad nights as I've had, I've always eaten that sharp steel of defeat and digested it with complete satisfaction knowing that I've put people better than you through so much worse.

Rex shuffles through some of the boxes until he comes across one that's labeled 'Kurtis'. 

Take solace in the fact that you have been able to come back.

Take pride in knowing you still have something to fight for.

Cherish these moments, however, as if they were your last.

Rex then tosses the box labeled 'Kurtis' into the fire, seemingly as some sort of symbolization of an end to an existence.

See you soon.

Rex is then shown watching the fire burn as the scene slowly begins to fade.


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