Heroes and Villains

Roleplay Roleplay by GLORIOUS GAIJIN
On Wed, May31, 2017 9:12pm America/Phoenix
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Heroes and Villains
(The screen is black with bare hints of a reflection of it, showing a very distorted view of a familiar white mask, until a highly-stylized Z appears on the screen. Several voices can be heard in the background as the Z pulses and flickers, before being replaced by a glowing rainbow-colored bar. Finally it flicks over to a cartoon of a phone with some Japanese text on the screen. it flicks to another screen, then a third, before it changes over to a screen with a play button and "11 - Choujin Gensou" are displayed before lively music begins to play.

The camera pans back to reveal what appears to be an abandoned comedy club. Various detrius is scattered on the ground and the walls are covered in graffiti, most of which is just the word "HA!" over and over, with the occasional grinning skull or graffiti tags. The camera continues to pan around, finally coming into focus on the unmistakable form of Glorious Gaijin, dressed in a purple suit and with a wide, toothy grin drawn on his mask.)

GG: Konnichiwa! Ehhhhh?!

(He looks around, scratching at the back of his head, before producing a jack in the box. He cranks the handle, drawing forth the eerie tune of "Pop Goes The Weasel" until a stylized clown pops out with a post it note on it's forehead that says "translator" with an arrow pointing down at the clown's nose. Gaijin pokes the clown's nose, which lights up.)

GG (VO): Good evening, Super Bacon!

(The voice that comes forth is an almost perfect imitation of Mark Hamill's Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. Gaijin drums his fingers on his chin, appearing pleased before he continues.)

GG (VO): It's good to see you're taking our little shindig on Ravage seriously. Glorious Gaijin and Super Bacon will clash for the first time! It's going to be something, isn't it? Thousands of fans, cheering for me when I beat you for the one-two-three.

(Gaijin oozes closer to the camera, adjusting his tie. He picks a cane up off the floor, using it to lean on and rocking forward on his feet.)

GG (VO): But don't worry, kiddo. It's not personal, it's only show business. You're an entertaining fellow, but you're not a suitable nemesis for me. But on Ravage, if you're going to be the hero, someone has to be the villain. Someone has to be the darkness to balance your weird, manic light, and lucky you! You got booked against the perfect person to do that.

(Gaijin leans back now, popping the cane up into the air and catching it before tucking the cane under his arm. He prances around, finally setting down on a chair, crossing his feet.)

GG (VO): Eat your greens, Robbie. Get that new costume, dress up real nice, and make sure you put on clean underwear, because if you get hit by a car the last thing you want to be is caught in dirty undies. Really brings you down. Meanwhile, we'll meet up in the ring on Friday, and you know what that's going to be?

(Gaijin reaches over with the cane and taps the clown's nose. The light goes out and is followed by a peal of manic laughter as Gaijin moves closer to the camera slowly. Finally he strikes a hero pose, holding one hand out in front of him in a victory pose.)


(The music from the Zune winds down to a close before clicking on to another track, filling the room with eerie calliope music. Gaijin turns his back to the camera, and begins to laugh maniacally as the camera turns to focus on a GG shield spraypainted on the wall, and the scene fades.) 

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