Heroes journey

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On Tue, May16, 2017 12:37am America/Phoenix
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Heroes journey
(Scene opens in at a sunny, outdoor garden event in Downtown Los Angeles. There are pink tables and ribbons surrounding a large stage. Hanging above is a bright pink banner that reads, NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION: MOTHERS’ DAY BRUNCH 2017. News cameras and crews are on site as people are seen mingling with one another. A woman with a pink sundress walks up on stage to the podium.)

Spokesperson: Hello everyone, and thank you for coming out this afternoon. On behalf of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, I’d like to thank everyone for coming out to our fundraiser event and wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day.


Spokesperson: I’d also like to thank some of our corporate sponsors for this event, including the World Wrestling Xsistence, who generously partnered with our cause.


Spokesperson: And now, to say a few words on behalf of the WWX, is the Assistant Director of Public Relations, Mr. Steven Golson. 

(Crowd cheers as a man in a bright pink suit climbs the steps up to the stage and shakes hands with the NBCF spokesperson. As Mr. Golson walks toward the podium, however, a man in a bright pink suit runs up the stairs behind him and brushes past him, knocking him off the stage, through one of the pink tables and onto the ground below with a loud crash. The crowd gasps in shock and horror as the man in the suit moves swiftly up to the podium, and reveals himself to be none other than WWX superstar, Willie Steen. Steen looks out from behind the podium, with a big, cheesy grin on his face and the Television Championship on his shoulder.)

Steen: Yes, thank you Mr. Golson for that stirring introduction.

(Steen looks down at Mr. Golson and gives him an appreciative nod as he writhes in pain on the ground below.)

Steen: Hello, ladies and gentlemen. As most of you probably know, my name is Willie Steen and I am the WWX Television Champion. As you may know, WWX management sent some representatives out here to help bring awareness and support for your noble cause. What you don’t know is that I, Willie Steen, have personally taken it upon myself to come give everyone here t what it is they really need.

(The audience murmurs uncomfortably as stagehands tend to Mr. Golson, still on the ground below.)

Steen: Many people within the community like to throw around the word “courage”. They talk about someone’s “courageous” battle or how brave they are for continuing to fight through their circumstance. Some people would even use the word heroic to describe the efforts many of you all face as mothers and survivors, alike. And it's true. You are all true inspirations. Which is I present myself to you today. So that you may all have the wonderful privilege to bask in the presence and glory of me, Willie Steen. A true hero and inspiration in my own right.

(Crowd sits and stares in stunned silence)

Steen: You see, just like all of you, I had to fight a long, hard battle to achieve my success. Many people thought I'd never make it. Even I had my doubts. But by the strength of my willpower and sheer determination, I overcame all odds and persevered to become Television Champion.

(EMTs are now tending to Mr. Golson.)

Steen: But alas, like so many battles, mine continues as the disease known as Fill has returned to steal back my triumph. But never you all fear, for as your hero and role model, I shall vanquish this foe and triumph, once again. I will stand victorious for all of you. 

(Fans continue to sit and stare, speechlessly as EMTs load Mr. Golson onto a stretcher and wheel him away. Steen smiles proudly at the crowd.)

Steen: Speechless? I know. It's overwhelming. But I do it all outta love. And ‘cuz I know, deep down, even though you don't have the words to say it, you know you love me too. You're welcome. 

(Steen bows to the crowd and exits to right, waving to the crowd as he leads. Scene fades to black.)

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