On Tue, May15, 2018 7:00am America/Phoenix
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[Riddick Crooke holds out from a bloody nose as a camera approaches backstage..]

I wasn't ready. You all seen her try to blind side me with a cheaphsot attack before the bell then blatantly kicked me in my golden globes immediately AFTER the bell. What a cheater. While we are on the suject, WhO was that referee and WhY isn't he suspended for incompatence? I had the voodoo woman pinned but the moron officiating conveniently forgot how to count past two. Look at my broke nose.. LOOK AT IT. minus negative infinity stars for sportswomanship but there is a silver lining. LITTLE Miss hex will need to cast a healing spell with hoards of black cats on her baby maker just to urinate and she can forget about marital aides this week. She is a cancer,  same as syndicate, same as Korath, same as Pendragon. Even Scott Grayse has seemily been infected with the disease. All kiss each others buttocks backstage privately like a flock of snobby gossip giving sychophants, as shown on DISCORD. It is pathetic.. It is also. a major contributing factor i recruiting new, younger, better talent. Obviously that is how one becomes a Six Time Campion here. 

[Blood gushes out from a seemingly broken nose.]

I need a plastic sureon.. IS THERE A PLASTIC SUREON In THE HOUSE?

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