Hey There

Roleplay Roleplay by KENDRA HAZE
On Fri, Mar02, 2018 5:48am America/Phoenix
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Hey There
[Kendra Haze can be seen skipping along a sidewalk in Portland headphones on her head and loud music blasting through them. She arrives at a park and happily skips over to the playground hopping on the jungle gym taking her headphones off]

Haze: Whoa, Portland, I have always wanted to visit, but of course ' no fun allowed Kendra you end up hurting people' well here I am now.

[Haze hangs upside down stretching her arms out to the sides]

Haze: Last Ravage was so fun, but that guy, he didn't want to play, was as stiff as a stationary gurney. Now I get to play with another girl finally, boys can't do it right anyway. Kailee, hey there, my name is Kendra nice to beat you, I mean meet you.

[Haze swings her body back and forward before flipping off the jungle gym landing on her feet. She takes a bow giggling before her voice turns to a darker tone]

Haze: They never let me play with others back home, saying I was dangerous, especially around other girls. Ha well now I am going to show I can play. SO Kailee I hope you are ready to play, cause I am and if you don't play nice, well I can play not nice either.

[Haze takes a bow and winks at the camera before skipping along through the park into the distance as the camera fades slowly out]

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