High Sea-couver

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Mon, Apr23, 2018 10:16pm America/Phoenix
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High Sea-couver
*Hex Girl is sitting in a biker bar somewhere in Vancouver several bottles of beer are on the bar in front of her along with quite a few shot glasses.*

Traditionally Armada has a pirate or nautical theme. So I am having my own 'drink like a pirate day' before the match. Speaking of which a ladder match. This should be rather straight forward. We get in the ring beat the crap out of each other for a bit before making a mad scramble up the ladder for the prize. But We seem to have a distinct lack of competition here. 

*Despite the fact it looks like she's consumed a rather copious amount of alcohol her words are not slurred in the least.*

Tanno is shelved. The only way we are going to have anyone from the the his camp is if Emily suddenly steps into the ring and I very much doubt that. Either that or he ignores medical advice and risks literally everything...Is it worth it? For him anyway. He still has someone. 

Kurtis Ray is MIA. It's hard to say if he will even show up.  If he does how prepared is he going to be? Is Mellon gonna chew through him like it's nothing? Am I going to kick his ass between his shoulder blades? Even if he does make it onto the ladder and starts to climb that can make for a nasty fall. But the point is here is that I can't make much comment on him because he's decided to be like a fart in the wind.

*She takes a long drink from a bottle.*

Now we get to The Beast, Bob-goddamn-Mellon. We keep getting thrown in to matches together. Like management wants these David and Goliath matches. Don't get me wrong they are fun because Mellon you are able to do something that most other competitors aren't. You're making me feel it. That is exhilarating. Though you are annoying as you are |BLEEP|ing bored with this. If you are bored with this division. Try to move the |BLEEP| up then find a challenge then. Until then I'm going to be the little chihuahua nipping at your ankles. I |BLEEP|ing promise that I WILL gnaw you off at the knees until I can punch you in the face.

You see Bobby-boy in a ladder match my size and speed is an advantage over your hulking mass. Even with there only being three people in the ring instead of four you can't afford to focus your rage on just one person, and you can't afford to just focus on the goal hanging above the ring. Tunnel vision will be your downfall. Now am I saying for certain that you'll get tunnel vision...no. Do I think it's likely, yes. I'm not immune to it I've had that problem in the past as well. Especially it seems when I get in the ring with you. Because dammit Bob I just want to see you bleed. I want to hear you scream in pain. I want to confirm that you actually have a soul even if I have to do so via infliction of bodily trauma. I won't give you a beating I'll give you an exorcism.

You say I talk a big talk but don't deliver. Well I might not have achieved giant-killer status yet but give me enough chances and I'll earn my strips with you. So Bob you go on and brood, bitch, whine, moan and groan. I'll keep working my ass off. I'll either eventually win the title I'm after, earn some |BLEEP|ing respect, or die/become crippled in the attempt. My chips are all on the table because I have nothing left to lose. The only thing that matters to me anymore is making the fans happy. If that means one of us going to the hospital so be it. I'll make them |BLEEP|ing happy I'll give them something worth the price of admission.So tell me Bobby. What ya got in the tank?

*She finishes draining the bottle and slams it on the bar shattering it. The camera focuses on her hand sitting in the broken glass starting to bleed. The shot fades out.*

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