History Will Be Made

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Thu, Apr19, 2018 6:25pm America/Phoenix
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History Will Be Made


*Static covers the screen before transitioning into a shot of a small, desolate graveyard.  A small white chapel can be seen in the background as the sun sets over this plot of land, illuminating the old tombstones.  It is clear that, unfortunately, this cemetery has not been tended to in quite a while, as the once-beautiful grass has died and faded back into the soil.  A wind picks up in the area, causing a creaking sound to be heard from the graveyard's black iron gates.*

*Soon after, soft footsteps can be heard in the distance, coming closer and closer to the site.  Slowly, the camera pans away from the tombstones and towards the gate, where Syndicate, the current World Wrestling Champion and one-half of the World Tag Team Champions, has swung it open.  Taking a moment to glance around, he steps inside and closes the gate behind him.  With his hands in the pockets of his red leather jacket and with the World Tag Team Championship resting on his left shoulder, he walks towards the graves with a slightly sad look on his chiseled face.*

Syndicate: Next Saturday, in Vancouver, the WWX World Tag Team Championships are being put to rest.  A once-thriving division has shriveled up into near-nothingness, with only two teams left to vie for the gold at Armada.

*He sighs, glancing down at the championship on his shoulder.*

Syndicate: I don't want these titles to disappear.  I would much rather see Darkness and I keep these titles for as long as we're a team.  I would much rather have proof that the two of us are one of the most dominant tag teams the WWX has ever seen.  I would much rather see this division live on, even if I decide to focus my efforts on the World Wrestling Championship.

*Syndicate shakes his head as he begins to walk past some of the tombstones, reading the inscriptions as he passes.*

Syndicate: But alas...James Ranger has declared that the World Tag Team Championship match at Armada shall be the championship's last.  But who does he put across from Darkness and Syndicate?  Heh.  He books the most prolific potheads in professional wrestling history: Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi.  Now, I don't discount their accomplishments as a team - they have won the WWX World Tag Team Championships in the past - but I mean, come on.  420?  They probably won't survive past tomorrow, let alone make it to Armada prepared to take down me and Darkness.

*With a soft chuckle, Syndicate stops to stare down at a particular headstone.  This one, made of granite and inscribed with the last name "Parker", is much smaller than the others surrounding it.*

Syndicate: I mean, let's think about it here.  Glazebrook and Tinordi may have been able to take it to me and Ambros Nocturne back in 2014, but this is four years later.  While they've been off doing whatever the |BLEEP| they do, I've been honing my craft and making myself into one of the best wrestlers to ever do it.  I'm not that cocky ass kid straight outta high school anymore - I'm a man that's determined to do whatever it takes to walk out of Armada as one-half of the FINAL World Tag Team Champions.  Hell, I'm a |BLEEP|ing SIX-TIME and CURRENT World Wrestling Champion, something that Tinordi and Glazebrook will NEVER come close to accomplishing.

*He smiles.*

Syndicate: And then...there's my partner, Darkness.  A Hall-of-Famer.  A multi-time World Champion as well.  A bonafide legend.  Put us together...and you've got yourself an unstoppable force.  We've proven that we are the BEST two-man unit in this business since banding up back in January, and that's not about to change because 420 decides now's the time to return and try to make some history.  News flash, buddies: what you're seeing between Darkness and I right now is TRULY history in the making.

Syndicate: This championship that I hold over my left shoulder has officially changed hands 121 times over its existence.  This championship dates back to the days of BB King, Raider Mask, and Scott Dreamie.  This championship is an ICON for teamwork excellence in this business.  And I will not have this championship be retired by a duo that doesn't deserve to do the honors.  Matt and Gary have not proven that they are worthy, and they have not proven that they even belong in this division.  At Armada, Darkness and I are going to kill off our final competition, retire the World Tag Team Championships with pride and dignity, and cement our status as one of the most influential tag teams of the modern era.

*Chuckling once more, Syndicate turns around and begins to walk back towards the gates of the cemetery.*

Syndicate: That is...only if Glazebrook and Tinordi decide to get off their couch and show that they are able to compete.  If not, well then...I guess history has already been made.  Welcome...to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate opens the gates and walks back through them.  After making sure the gates are locked shut, Syndicate walks off towards the sunset as static overtakes the feed.*



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