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On Sat, Jul08, 2017 6:15pm America/Phoenix
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[The scene opens with a simple shot of Ezra Zion standing in front of a light blue backdrop. He is wearing a black and white lettered “KOSHER NOSTRA” t-shirt while biting into an apple.]

mmm-Mmm-MMM! Nothing like the sweet taste of victory from the fruits of our labor. What can I say? Winning is always sweet but losing? Well, that can just leave a nasty, sour taste in your mouth that stain the taste buds and pallet with an aggravated feeling of failure.. Now you are pissed and now I finally have your undivided attention, just like I wanted..
[Ezra Zion takes another bite from the red apple and tosses it over his shoulder.]

I was beginning to wonder which Rex McAllister would show up at Mayhem. The cerebral technician with his book of clichés that has a chip on his shoulder to always prove himself as one of the greats.. or if you would become like so many others have that came before us.. complacent. 

It is ironic that you bring up is that you bring up History, Mic.

After all, you cannot know where you are going until you realize and recognize where one has been. Rex you and I have more in common than you know. You were trained by the legendary Jeremiah O’Reilly while I am a proud graduate of the Ruthless Wrestling Academy ran by one of the toughest bastards to ever lace up a pair of boots. The only man to win the television title at the ripe young age of sixty years old, twice! I am talking of course about the one, the only, the Iconic wrestling Classic.. Russ Riker.

This sadistic senior citizen has turned out more champions than any other in wrestling. There is the first ever Conquest Champion in the Alpha Warrior, Napalm Steele. Former International Champion in the Human Wrecking Ball known simply as RAZE. Former tag team Champions in the Technical Assassins, with “Wildcard” Ace Andrews and Menace aka Forest Miles.. Even that prima donna Astonishing Ashton went on to become the winner of the World Series match and became a World Champion within his first year. The Cosmic Crusader, CoSmO OdYsSeY, Amazing Grace, Erik “E. Legal” Killings. The list goes on and on yet even with all the great names of talent that have come out of the RWA, all whom reached and achieved several different levels of success… none of them could ever hold a candle to The Blade Club. We are the most savage group of cut throat competitors to ever come out Camp Chaos . There have even been a couple of groups of men that graduated from the Ruthless Wrestling Academy that went on to make an impact here in WWX that left a mark on this business over the years. The P.o.W. better know as the Pioneers of Violence, F.A.S.E? The Federated Alliance of Sports Entertainers, wrestling’s first ever Union… Both of those factions look like boy scouts compared to The Blade Club’s bloodlust for violence.

You might be wondering to yourself, why am I telling you all this. Well you should know as well as anyone Rexmaster, that In order to know where you are going, one must first realize and recognize the history and bloodline from which one came. Born and raised in Jerusalem.. let’s just say that I have seen and been through my fair share of adversity.  I know what it takes to survive and thrive under the most intense of situations. Something I plan to prove to those who still don’t appreciate my talents and skills.

You and Tommy Lipton brought the tag team Championship Titles back to prominence and make the twin gold relevant again. The tag team division has you two to thank for that but last week, we seen an unsuspected and surprising changing of the guard, with Bishop Polaris and Black Tom of Pure Darkness doing the unthinkable by defeating the Tag Team Tandem of Lipton and McAllister. The bickering you and your partner had last week might have been part of some elaborate ruse to catch your opponents off guard but even you have to question if there was some truth to what Mr. WWX  had said to you. Once upon a time you both were World Champions and you would be lying to yourself if you didn’t admit that you want to be World Champion again. The Blade Club can make that happen. All you need to do is cut free from your partner and lay down in our Triple threat match with Gary Tinordi so that we can get that tag team opportunity and in return you get the privilege of joining the Club. Think about it. 

We seek attention because the Blade Club deserves it. After all, you simply do not ignore talent of our caliber. That is like throwing money away because that is what we are. Money. The BIG draw. The ones who put asses in seats and unfortunately for you and the WWX... The Blade Club isn’t going anywhere other than straight to the top! It may be true that you have been here doing this longer in WWX but that doesn’t take away from my ability to do what I do best, what the Club does best.. We Win. Through any means and if you don’t believe me, just ask Matt Glazebrook. Isn’t that right Tindordi? 

[The Hebrew Hitman peels off his t-shirt to reveal his wrestling attire along with revealing a cocky smirk.) 

You are right when saying that Ezra Zion has done nothing of note on my own here as of YET in WWX. There is a reason for that Rexecuter… Nobody gave me a chance, until now. All I need is that one opportunity to prove what I can do in that ring and finally, I have it. You can think that we are a flash in the pan, that the Blade Club wont last long or have the resilience to persevere but the truth is we are in it for the long haul and here to takeover! that means we will be around for as long as we want to be for as long as we feel like.  We are making a name for ourselves by taking out anyone and everyone that gets in our way. Including future hall of fame legends. This is my time to show all the doubters why I am the Hebrew Hitman and there is no better way to silence my doubters than to go out there and win. That is the thing about history, Rex. It is written by the winners and the Blade Club? We are writing ourselves into the record books. Don’t believe it? Just watch and wait..  Because when it is all said and done? I wil have done a job so well done, that I’ll give MYSELF a pat on the back for it!



[Ezra Zion shoots a finger gun at the camera with a wink and blows on the finger tip before walking out of view with an arrogant smile as we fade to black.]

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