Hitman 4 Hire

Roleplay Roleplay by E.LEGAL
On Sun, May13, 2018 11:21pm America/Phoenix
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Hitman 4 Hire

[A checkered yellow and black taxi cabs pulls up to the curb and brakes to a sudden stop in Times Square located in the never City that never sleeps, New York. A cloud ridden sky brought a glum appearance as the side door opens to one steel toe black boot stepping out from the back seat and onto concrete slab of sidewalk. Dressed to impress in a Brooklyn Dodgers influenced blue and white vintage number forty-two Jackie Robinson Jersey, matched A slow growing smile spreads on the face of the large, menacing, dark skinned brother as the black Loc shades are peeled off. A curious eye scans the sights and sounds of his new surroundings for a brief moment, pulling the crimson colored bandana down over the exposed forehead scar before choosing to acknowledge the camera for the first time in front of a tall barbed wire chain link fence with a large sign that reads "Ravage".] 

"WUT UP WWX.. Didja miss me? The hardcore o G wit a phd in street pharmacy." 

(E. Legal Flexes a big boulder of a bicep.) 

"Ain't nobody out there who wants some of this! People are afraid to even speak my name cuz they know that this six foot eight inch, three hundred and thirty five pound beat down specialist, a true artist of Violence that can turn their damn lights out, just like that." 

(E. Legal snaps fingers)

"That's wut chew can expect ta see from the Pioneer of Violence... for tha right price.."

(E. Legal gives the make money hand signal.)

"Prefer ta send a physical message wit out gettin' yer hands dirty? I'm your Hitman."

"Wanna get tha gold wit professional assistance? Just show me tha green bay bee."

"Tha highest bidder will Employ tha services of da baddest brudda in da bid'nizz."

"Until dat time? I'ma lay low and enjoy da shizow."

[E. Legal flashes a front row ticket and shoots a wink before walking out of the camera's view.] 


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