Holiday Hell Pre Show

Roleplay Roleplay by JAMES BOURNE
On Fri, Jan30, 2015 4:45pm America/Phoenix
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Holiday Hell Pre Show
[The scene opens up showing the Albertsons Stadium in the distance. Fans can be seen crowding around as the sign flashes “Special WWX: Xperience for Holiday Hell 2015!”. The camera moves in where all the superstars are at their separate booths, flashing pictures and signing autographs. Other fans begin to pile into the conference room, where the pre show announcement is about to start. Everyone is waiting eagerly as they take their seats. After a few moments “The Fight Song” By Marilyn Manson begins blaring over the pa system. Fans give mixed reactions as Bourne steps out and turns around. Steve Blanchard and Evan Keys come out from behind him, taunting for the fans. Mixed reactions are once again thrown around as the three men walk to their seats. Blanchard lies the WWX Championship on the table as Keys sets down the briefcase. The three men look around as Bourne begins speaking].

Bourne: Hello everyone. First off, let me thank you all for coming out and supporting us as we bring our first pay per view of the year here to Boise Idaho!

[The fans let out a pop as he shakes his head in approval. He continues speaking].

Bourne: We have a lot of ground here to cover, and I wont have time for many questions. However, before I begin the reveals for this event, I wanted to address something. I have been stopped on numerous occasions since coming into the building and asked the same question…is tornado part of the bourne alliance? Well, I have been hesitant to answer that question…until today. As you can see, The Tornado is not out here joining the fellow men who are, so I think that it should make your answer pretty clear. Tornado doesn’t quite know a good opportunity when it gets ripped off his face…I mean when its put in his face. *laughs*

[The fans boo as Bourne continues to laugh. He lets out a long sigh and continues speaking].

Bourne: This card, being the first of the year, had to come out to be huge. We have a lot going on in WWX right now as you all are aware, and it needs to be addressed and fought out, much like the style that we are all used to. With that said, I will begin the reading of the card. Opening our night will be Reverend Eli Profit taking on David Dudley in a singles match. If you recall on Ravage, Dudley was savagely beaten by Profit, and has begged me since it happened for revenge. I told him I would grant it, and being a man of my word, I have. Those two will open the show for the night, but the action is only getting started there. 

[The fans cheer loudly as Bourne shuffles through his notes. He continues speaking].

Bourne: Our next match up will feature six men, all with a huge chance. This is going to be a six man battle royal for two lucky superstars to get the chance to compete for two belts. Now, before I address the men, I must address the belt. We the board have voted that the AAA Championship will no longer be defined as that, but instead will be defined as the Hardcore Championship. This belt will be defended in hardcore stipulations, and will NOT carry a twenty four seven rule. The six men that will be competing in this match are: Azreal Khaine, Baalzebul, Korath Wulfvan, Damian Price, Matt Glazebrook, and Johnny Love! How it will work is the six men will enter the ring. When down to the final two, the person that wins by pinfall or submission will be the one that gets the television championship shot. The person who gets pinned will get the hardcore title shot respectively.

[The fans cheer as Bourne continues to shake his head. He points down at his paper and continue speaking].

Bourne: As we move forward, we have our next match featuring two new comers who seemed to have pis*ed off the wrong person. As you all know, Brent Eades and Ian St Cyr were two men who came in virtually around the same time, and somewhere along the way decided that they were going to become a team. After attacking Matty Frederickson with a pipe this past week, Frederickson said that he would bring a partner and “kick their as*es” so I decided I wanted to see if it were true. Therefore, your next match will be Brent Eades and Ian St Cyr vs Matty Frederickson and a partner of his choosing!

[Bourne takes a sip of water as the fans give mixed reactions. He continues speaking].

Bourne: Next comes our first title match of the night. Our womens champion, Hex Girl, secured her belt at Hall of Pain. From there, the two women were supposed to meet on two separate occasions. The first occasion was mayhem in a hardcore match, where Rose claimed that Hex couldn’t wrestle and wanted to take her on outside of the hardcore element. When they met this week on Fury, Rose walked away losing the match to count out. I am not satisfied with that. Not only am I not satisfied with that, I have someone else that has been chomping at the bit to get put into the spotlight, and so she can stay out of everyone elses business, I will oblige. Dr. Arika Devareux has signed an official competition contract as of yesterday, and asked to be put into this match. After consideration, and the fact that she wouldn’t leave my office, I have decided that it will happen. Therefore,  we will have a triple threat match for the womens championship!

[The fans begin clapping as Bourne moves onto the next match].

Bourne: Our next match folks is one of vengeance. As you all know, Syndicate meticulously calculated a now known worthless plan of attack on myself, Blanchard, and Keys. The two men were supposed to have a clean match, and thanks to that large moron that follows him around, as well as one Johnny Love, the match turned into a nightmare. Therefore, Mr Keys has asked that he be placed against Syndicate once more, writing a wrong that should have never happened. Syndicate cheated to win, which is unhonorable by all standards, and therefore should be punished. With that said, Evan Keys and Syndicate will face off one on one in a first blood match! Also, just to clear it up, The Follower will be banned from ringside! Should he appear, he will be arrested and barred from WWX arenas worldwide. 

[The fans boo loudly as Keys flips them all off. Bourne shakes his head in disgust and continues speaking].

Bourne: Following this match will be the first of our three championship matches. Two men that have been at war with each other as of late will continue their fight, hoping to establish who the true champion really is. Chris Paradise was successful last week as he took hold of Tornados mask, sending him into recluse. No one has seen Tornado, but I did receive an email asking for the chance to face him once more. While I am ultimately sad that he turned down the best opportunity that he had, I have decided to give him one more chance to successfully complete his mission of beating Chris Paradise. Therefore, these two men will meet in a falls count anywhere match for the television championship. 

[The fans are back on their feet clapping and cheering as he continues speaking].

Bourne: The next match deals with a long standing rivalry between two men that has not only cost WWX a lot of time, but also a lot of money. It is no secret that we had to pay massive amounts for damages in regards to the match between Steen and Anthony when the former Triple A and International Championships were on the line. Therefore, I decided that this is going to be the one to determine it all, determine who the real champion will be.  With that said, Neil Anthony and Willie Steen will compete in a thirty minute ironman match for the international championship. 

[Blanchard shakes his head as Bourne moves on].

Bourne: And finally, the main event. This is the match that was determined to be had after the World Title Tournament. “The Stressed One” Fill will challenge Bourne Alliance member and reigning champion Steve Blanchard for the WWX Championship. The two men were supposed to face off this past week on fury, but unfortunately Blanchard was hurt and couldn’t compete. 

[The fans boo loudly].

Bourne: Oh shut up. But thanks to the powers above, and his prime physical conditioning, Steve Blanchard will be able to defend the championship in a singles match against “The Stressed One” Fill. That will be your event folks. I thank you all for coming out to the pre show conference and look forward to see you all on the sea of blue. Thank you!

[“The fight song” begins blaring as the fans begin cheering loudly. Bourne, Blanchard, and Keys bow for the fans as the scene fades to black].

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