Holier than thou

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On Fri, Jun02, 2017 12:41am America/Phoenix
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Holier than thou
[The camera opens up showing the packed St Louis crowd getting ready for Mayhem action. The fans are all in talking about all the recent action in the WWX as the lights in the arena go dark. Nothing can be heard for a few moments as the fans all wait in anticipation. Soon after, the voice of Johnny Cash can be heard as "The man comes around" begins playing. The words appear on the tron and into the stage as the fans stay silent].

                               There's a man goin' 'round takin' names
                             And he decides who to free and who to blame
                               Everybody won't be treated all the same
                              There'll be a golden ladder reachin' down
                                      When the man comes around

[A single set of lights kick on the stage as a group of what appears to be men in black robes take the left side of the stage. They turn to the entrance and wait as a new set of lyrics appear on the screen].

                                 The hairs on your arm will stand up
                                At the terror in each sip and in each sup
                               Will you partake of that last offered cup
                               Or disappear into the potter's ground?
                                     When the man comes around

[A second set of lights kick on the right side of the stage. Two men men dressed in black robes approach the stage and turn facing the entrance. The music slowly stops as Cash's voice can be heard once more].

                         And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts
                               And I looked, and behold a pale horse
                    And his name that sat on him was death, and hell followed with him

[The two sides of lights kick on as the single white light appears in the middle of the stage. The four men all take a knee as if waiting for something. Soon after, flames shoot from all sides of the ramp as the fans are taken aback by the blaze. "Aint no grave" by Johnny Cash begins blaring over the pa system as someone in a white robe steps out onto the stage. He slowly walks out and looks at the four men on the ramp, and holds his arms up as they slowly rise. The four men slowly follow the man in white to the ring as the fans are wondering who it is. The four men grab hold of the man and place him on the apron, as he climbs through the ropes and into the ring. He walks over grabbing a mic and looks around as the center light of the ring turns into a cross. The music stops as the man in white stands there].


[A pen drop could be heard as the fans look into the ring. The person reaches up pulling their robe back to show Rayne. Standing in the ring in a new outfit, he looks around the ring with a sick smile on his face. He looks around as the fans give mixed reactions as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Those were some of the last words spoken by Jesus prior to his death. In pain and agony, he looked up and screamed those words hoping for an answer. Tonight, you all will get the chance to witness the same thing. You all have been blessed with the opportunity to follow me on my journey through my transformation of becoming something more than the silent assassin, more than..myself...becoming *breaths deeply* The...Archangel.

[Rayne stops speaking for a moment as the fans once again give mixed reactions. He runs his hand through his hair and continues speaking].

Rayne: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. We wrestle against those who oppose us. We wrestling against those who we think we can beat. We wrestle with our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our...everything. And yet at the end of the day, we put up the same false hope that all the wrestling that we have done has not worn us out, but in this case...it has. 

[Rayne slowly paces around the ring as he continues speaking].

Rayne: I stand here before you something far better than I used to be. I stand before you a changed man, blessed beyond any of your wildest capabilities. No longer will I be considered a mere mortal as I have evolved from that, brought myself to a level only attainable by that of...a god. All of you should be on your knees like those men that came out with me at the fact that I am taking the time to be out here...that I took the time to even show myself to you all once more. I am not here for any of you though. All of you here know exactly why I am in attendance here tonight, and I attend to address him now. 

[Rayne walks over towards the ropes leaning on them. He looks up the ramp and continues speaking].

Rayne: I waited for you to show me that side that I wanted to see Fill, that side ive been trying for WEEKS to drive out of you. I know it exists. This happy go lucky go that paces around here is not the man that I am looking for. *Laughs* No...not at all. The one that I am looking for is the man that wanted nothing more than to have a head on a platter, willing to destroy anything in his path to get there. You continue to wonder why I wanted to see you do this Fill, why I did what I did to you of all people. Fill, the reasons for that have already been addressed, the case laid out, and now you have to live with what you have been given. You don't get to tell me when you get answers because you are beneath me. You are no longer an equal, a brother, a confidante. You are now a has been, a lower than, a weakling. You are not blessed like I, which makes me far holier than thou. And when your blessed like I, you answer to no man. And I can say...its a beautiful thing. 

[Rayne goes towards the cross in the middle of the ring and falls back into it. He looks up at the light as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Fill, tonight when we climb into this ring will be more than heavenly. This will be a battle that has been brewing for years. This will be something that the WWX will continue to talk about for years to come. But you see, that isn't what this is about. This isn't the only time that you and I will be meeting each other. I laid out my plans for you. Tonight is simply about taking your championship. Do I need it? Not really. The satisfaction of seeing you lose something that you just got is all the more that I am using it for. It is nearly a prop in a story that will bring back the Fill that I used to know, the weakling that has taken over your pathetic existence. Tonight is about making you bring back your all, so the next time we meet, I can say that I truly took out the best the man had to give. 

[Rayne slowly rises to his knees. He looks around at the crowd as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Fill, the time has come for you to realize that you have been outmatched. IT is time for you to realize that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, the facts will always remain the same. YOU...CANNOT...BEAT...ME! You are nowhere near my level, and you will never attain it. Try as you may, it simply will not happen. When you step into this ring with the arch angel on the other side tonight, I am bringing heaven, hell, alpha, omega, all of it. I am bringing everything that I can possibly bring with me to bring you to the point to where you will look up at those lights in this position right here, as I draw back my fist for another shot, and here you beg for mercy asking me not to do it. Asking me not to strike you again because you cannot handle it. And when you do that Fill, I will put in the kill shot. I will put you down this time. And then...you get the opportunity that Pendragon did last week. You get the opportunity to rise to the heavens. 

[Rayne gets to his feet and walks to the center of the cross throwing his arms out. The cross that was seen in the prior promo comes charging down and smashes into the ring as rayne stares it down. He puts on a sick smile as he continues speaking].

Rayne: You get the opportunity to join the ranks of those who have got to see god. You can go out of here and write your book about your near death experience. You can go talk to kids all over the world about your career and how great it was. You can go to old folks homes and tell all your war stories. But just remember Fill...JUST REMEMBER...WHO ENDED IT ALL FOR YOU! When you go and tell these stories, talk to these people...look them in the eyes. Let that little tear willow up the corner and tell them as nicely as possible...its the Rayne...and I felt it. 

[Rayne turns around and stares at the cross throwing the mic down. "Aint no grave" begins playing again as he stares at it. The camera...fades to black].

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