Homework Time

Roleplay Roleplay by EUAN MILTON
On Tue, Nov14, 2017 3:25am America/Phoenix
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Homework Time
[We open up to the inside of a locker room.  We can see Euan Milton sitting in the corner of the room watching a small TV.  As we get closer we can see that Milton is watching wrestling and also has a notepad and pen in his hand.  He sits there attentively watching the action on screen while taking the occasional note before noticing that the camera crew have entered the room.]

Milton: Ah, you found me.  Thank you for coming.  You caught me preparing for my upcoming match on Ravage against Xavier Pendragon.

[He picks up the TV remote and pauses what was playing.]

Milton: "What is he watching?" I can hear you ask.  Well, it's something Xavier can't remember and could very well be the thing that brings about his downfall on Saturday.  Come closer and take a look.....

[The camera moves closer to the screen as the action restarts.  After a few seconds, we can see it is coverage of Euan Milton and Xavier Pendragon in the ring together.  After a few more seconds the action stops again and the moves to focus back on Milton.]

Milton: Tuesday 10th September 2013, the weekly edition of wwX Ravage.  The main event was Black Angel vs Sugarman Shazam but can anyone remember what the penultimate match was?  Xavier certainly can't.

[He takes a sip of water from a bottle which was sitting next to him.]

Milton: I can remember it as clear as day.  It was none other than the then AAA Champion, Euan Milton taking on Xavier Pendragon.

[Milton picks up the TV remote again and presses play to start the action.]

Milton: So while you have been spending your time in the gym, working out like you would any other day of the week, I've been doing my homework by studying our previous encounter.  I've been spending every waking hour analysing what went down in the ring.  What did I do right?  What did I do wrong?  Where are the weaknesses I can expose?  I've already got pages and pages of detail that I can use when we meet at Ravage and there is still four days more to add to that.

You see Xavier, this is the new Euan Milton.  In the past I would have prepared by going out to a bar, drinking 10 beers, picking up a couple of girls and heading back to my place.  Or I would have been sitting down with Steen and the boys deciding how the ambush during the match was going to play out.

Not any more.

[He wags his finger to the camera.]

Milton: Instead of spending time in bars or working out which rules I could break, my preparation time is spent looking at my opponent and what I can do to be better than him.  And that is what is going to make the difference come Saturday.

You seem to have a bit of an inferiority complex Xavier.  You seem to think that there are bunch of haters and naysayers who take pleasure in talking you down.  Well, you're not going to get any of that there.

I know what you've achieved and I respect that.  This is my first match in the wwX for nearly four years and I've been thrown in at the deep end - I know that.  But the new Euan Milton doesn't take anything lightly.  That's why I've been spending my time watching this video and many others of yours from the archive.  Come Saturday, I'm going to have left no stone unturned.  I'm going to know you better than yourself.  Every move you try, I'll have covered.

Sadly for you Xavier, you're going to be the first to experience just how much of a threat the new Euan Milton is.

[With that, Milton picks up his notepad and pen and starts watching the action on the TV again.  The camera soon fades to black.]

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