Honor in the Face of Duty

Roleplay Roleplay by JESTER
On Wed, Sep20, 2017 10:04pm America/Phoenix
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Honor in the Face of Duty
     Our scene opens inside a lesser known sports pub in Dublin.  It's a slow night as less than a quarter of the pub appears to be filled with patrons.  The camera pans around the room until it finds Jester sitting at a table near the back of the room, dressed in his typical all grey attire with a grey Atlanta Falcons hat adorning his head.  An unknown man has joined him at the table with two drinks.  The man’s name is Jeffery Hull, Jester’s long time friend/manager/agent.  Jeff is smaller in stature than Jester but is in excellent physical condition and obviously knows how to handle himself.  He passes one of the drinks to Jester.

Jeff - “One Crown and Coke for you and the blackest ale I've ever seen for myself.”

Jester - “You better take it easy with those.  That isn't the piss water they pass off as beer in the states.”

Jeff - “You really don't think I know what I'm doing?  This isn't my first rodeo buddy.  I've traveled the world almost as much as you have.  Only, my trips weren't ‘top secret’.”

Jeff takes a large sip of his ale as Jester gives him a stern look.

Jester - “You need to watch your words.  These WWX cameras are everywhere.”

Jester points over to a corner of the pub where a WWX cameraman is already set up. 

Jeff - “Shit!  They're already here!  How do you ever get any peace or privacy?”

Jester - “For all intense purposes, consider it like being on a reality show.  They would follow me 24/7 if I let them.  The more content they get, the more interest the WWX gets.”

Jeff - “Sounds like a shitty deal to me.”

Jester - “It's a balancing act.  For the most part they will leave you alone when you ask them to.  There have been one or two cameramen I've had to have a stern discussion with about crossing the line, but most of them are professionals.  And they usually try to make you look your best.  By the way, watch the language.  Children watch these promos.”

Jeff - “You got it buddy.  I'll keep it PG from now on.”

As Jester takes a long draw from his drink he notices that the TV near their table is showing WWX promos from the different World Series participants.  He asks one of the servers to turn up the volume.  The two men watch several promos from Lipton, Kailee, McAllister, Fill, Hex Girl, and then one comes on that draws Jester’s undivided attention.  It's the promo from Korath where he's working out in the forest.  Jeff’s eyes widen in astonishment.

Jeff - “THIS is one of the people you have to face at World Series!?”

Jester (in a calm and even voice) - “ Yep.”

Jeff - “Holy shi… crap!  He's throwing trees and slinging boulders like that's just a normal thing to do!”

Jester - “It's even more impressive in person.”

Jeff - “ You've seen him do this with your own eyes?  You mean it's not some kind of CGI special effects?”

Jester - “If you think Korath would somehow fake his workouts, then you don't know the man very well.  I assure you everything you see is real and if I'm going to get to that ladder match at World Series then I'm going to have to go through him.  I need to address him directly, and there's no time like the present.”

Jester motions the cameraman over to their table.  He finishes off his drink before beginning to speak directly to the camera.

Jester - “Korath, I count you among my most trusted friends.  There's no one I'd rather have by my side or watching my back going into battle.  However, when we step into that International ring at World Series, all of that goes out the window.  Because above all else, you and I are competitors and we both have our eyes on the same prize, winning that ladder match and becoming the number one contender for the WWX World Heavyweight Championship.”

Jester pauses for a moment before continuing.

Jester - “Now, we've never faced each other in the ring but we do know a lot about each other.  In many ways, the two of us are cut from the same cloth.  We were both trained, nearly from birth, to be warriors.  To fight for justice and put down those who would stand against what's right.  We have both traveled different paths but we have ended up in the same place.  Now, I can't exactly explain why, but I know in my gut that the right to advance to ring 5 is going to come down to Jester versus Korath.  I believe deep down, you know it to.  I expect nothing short of a war.  Nothing about this is going to be easy for either of us.  I honestly don't know what the outcome will be, and that's the true definition of courage.  It is going to be an honor to shed blood in that ring with you and regardless of the victor, I have no doubt that we will both come out of it stronger and closer than ever.”

The camera fades to black.

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