How to cripple a GIANT...

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Wed, May31, 2017 11:13pm America/Phoenix
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How to cripple a GIANT...
[The scene opens with a highaerial blimp shot of St. Louis, Missouri, where the gateway Arch landmark is in center view. Slowly the picture zooms down onto the scene wherean out door stage is set up with a podium for this weeksMayhem Press conference.. Several media outlets are represented, with photographers scattered all over the place ready and waiting for their opportunity. Blade approaches the microphone in a black sports coat with matching slacks and a red, crimson color tie and gives a couple test taps before addressing the media on hand.]


I'm not going to waste time with pointless pandering, because that's not what I do. The fact that all of you came here so quickly after being told thatthe Blade Clubwould be arriving here tonight, the fact that you're all practically eating each other in order to get your microphones and recorders a few inches closer to me? It proves everything that I've always known to be the truth. You needus far more thanwe will ever need you. [ he smirks ] Don't be offended by the truth. The WWX? It needsthe Blade Clubjust as much, because someone like usadds legitimacy to this company. Someone withour talent, withour pedigree, with my visibility within the mainstream media. It's all part of the reason whywe arean asset to this company. And don't act like you don't know it, otherwise you wouldn't be here right now hanging off of my every word.

[The media buzzes with questions and requests, while the wrestling fans in attendance continue to show their disdain for the originalnative American.Blade soaks it all in, enjoying the moment briefly before he continues to speak.]


The real reason why we're all here is because whoever wins this week has a chance to punch their golden ticket to the International Championship Title that now somehow, someway, belongs to Fill. That is whatit's all about, right? It is all about chasing thatGOLD.After all, this is how we measure success around here, correct? This is how we add to the resume of becoming a quote, unquote"Legend."

Now you all might remember how a certain general manager of Ravage recently tookto facebook to boast and brag how he can and will make a match happen, that all we have to do is throw down a challenge, so that is exactly what I did by challenging our current Television Champion Willie Steen to a match but that did not happen. Instead, half the roster is expected to jump through hoopslike trained dogslike this is the infant stages of the UFC when there were those brutal and violent one night tournaments of multiple matchesto run the gauntlet all night long all to likely just be screwed over by some unseen unpredictable calamity..Something that would sound like a fun night when done on the up and up but that isn't how WWX has a reputation of doing things, now is it?See.. The Blade Club arenobodies pawns, and we won't be played like that.We did not come here to be just another no name on the roster, another cog in the wheel that keeps this place turning for everyone else to succeed. Nah, that isn't our style. The Blade Club are here to make a name and build a reputation that the locker room, the fans and the office brass will have no otherchoice BUT to respect our abilities.

Imagine it...The Blade Club on center stage with the media on their knees, every single one of you worshiping the very ground we walk on. It's where you belong. And Mayhem? Is all about putting people where they belong. Giant Khoklov?His place is beneath me, flat on his back. That is where that big Russian Oaf belongs and that is exactly where he will find himself on Mayhem. We will seeShould his annoying mouth piece of a manager choose to interfere?We will scalp Abakumov's head and I will wear hisblood as war paint because the individual who wins will be the one who proves themselves to be better than the competition. BETTER. Not bigger, notmore popular, not more corrupt, not more colorful, not more likeable, not who plays the "diversity" card the best. None of that wins a damn thing In the real world because truetalent will always rise to the top and the Blade Club has it in spades.

[He gives a knowing smile.] 

Here you have to be the best. You have to be number one. You have to be a winner. Some have it but most...most don't. All they have is tough talk, weak threatsand empty promises. They have stories from centuries ago. 

[He scoffs.] 

There are too many oversized egos blowing Hot air. And that isn't going to cut it here. Noton a levellike this, because this is where Champions are bred and Legends are made.. and that is what I, whatWE came here to become.

[He pauses for a moment and within that brief second, the media surges once again and begins hurling their questions forth. But hethwarts their efforts with his customary attitude and style. Afterall, they were here at HIS beck and call, not the other way around.]


That's what gives me an edge over everyone else, because winning is what I do. It's all I do. 

[more boos come from the fans.]

Prove me wrong. That's all you need to do, Khoklov. It's the unmitigated truth and everyone knows it, ESPECIALLY the idiots who are booing me at this very moment. They know it because it's the reason they hate me. They hate seeing me come out on top, because I'm a winner. I'm a self made man and I don't need anyone to give me a damn thing. I've earned my way to the top and all the while, I have set about changing the game at every single level in between! I'm a proven winner and these people...well, these people are all losers. That is why they are out there while I am up here. They're sad littlefailures who spend all their time in their basements, armchair booking every single show while wishing they had one tenth the ability of the people they watch on Tv each week. They can't stand the truth when I shove it in their faces, because I'm the product oftrue talentand hard work. 

[he points to himself]

I've worked hard for everything I have, every single dollar that's in the bank, every suit that's hanging in my closet, every single opportunity. I've earned it all. And I'm not done yet.

[He turns around, holding his arms up as he directs their attention to the St. Louis Gatewayarch in the background.]


And THIS...this is the site of my next success. This is where I'll single handedly dismantle a seven foot tall, five hundred plus pound GIANT and reduce him tonothing more thanan overgrownone legged man I an ass kicking contest. Khoklov might chuckleat the thought but the Blade Club will get that all importantlast laugh when I shatter his knee cap and he can no longer stand under his own weight.

[He paces back and forth in front of the crowd, beginning to get a little fired up at this point as he motions to himself.]


I made a promise to myself that I was going to show all of the sycophants and doubters out there why I epitomize the word LEGITIMATE. Iamgoing to win match after match,show after show, week after week. Iam going to win one accomplishment after another until management haveno choice but to sit there with their fat faces shut and acknowledge the fact that I am, that we are the very best in this business! And after I win on Mayhem? I will continue to slay whatever competition is put in front of us.. I will go on to headline the biggest events, the biggest shows, the biggest pay per viewsin this business and just like every other match, I will dominate it! 

[Blade jams a thumb in his chest.] 

That's right, ME! If these slack jawed morons had an IQ higher thanthe mentally retarded in theirsouthern friedbrains, they would understandthis already. But never fear, because just as I've enjoyed it in the past, I'll take immense pleasure in stomping that cold, hard reality right into the thick skulls of my doubters one win at a time! And it start on Mayhem with you, Khoklov...

[He beginsto loosen the red tie being worn and removes his black sports coatwhile the media captures every single second of it. Blade suddenly stops and lowers his gaze to the photographers and reporters near the front of the line, that grin spreading over his face like wildfire].


And the best part of it all is that YOU... 

[he holds his arms outstretched as he moves toward the media.] 

You will be there to document every bit of it. You'll be the ones to showthe Blade Clubsgreatness to the world, the ones who will allow them to bask in the glory of MY moment, when I'm the last man left standing atMayhem. I am everything you want in a champion. I'm intelligent, talented, ruthlessand charismatic. And after Mayhem, I'll also beone step closer to capturing the Internationalaround my waist, where it belongs.

[He lifts his hands, turning everyone's attention to the city around them.]


Take a look around you. This is St. Louis. A place full of wrestling tradition... with fans who are all convinced - and wrongfully, I might add - convinced thatGiant Khoklovwill be the one to derail my momentum, the same wave of momentum that Ihave beenriding since The Blade Club arrived on the scene! That's the problem with dreamers. The only thing they can do is dream. Me? I'm too busy living my dreams as a reality. 

[he grins]

Fade to black? No. Have a nice day? No. [he scoffs] Remember the name, Blade. It won't be long before you see itcemented on the marqueeand when that happens? Do be sure tophotograph my good side. I want to look my best when I see this handsome faceon the cover of WWX magazineafter my victory.

[He arches a brow slightly, staring into the camera closest to him with a message for his opponent.]


As for thedreamer Khoklov who thinks he actually stands a chance? 

[he snickers] 

Keep dreaming.

[That condescending smirk returns as he takes a small step back then turns, making his wayoff the stagewhile the crowd of people react as a hype video for the matches which will take place onMayhem playing on the big screen before fading out to a commercial.]

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