How-To Strat (Black Mamba Edition) Version 2

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On Sun, Jan07, 2018 12:21pm America/Phoenix
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How-To Strat (Black Mamba Edition) Version 2
Here is the essential homewrecker guide to strategy. Think of these things when writing your strat:

What show is this going to affect? (Ravage, Fury, etc.)

Who is this strategy going to affect? (Name a wrestler on the roster that is booked)

What do i wanna do? (Here it varies, some people are detailed, some are not, im not telling you the correct answer for this one, as its the meat and potatoes of your strat)

When do you want this to happen? (Common sense, but for those without, simply put, when do you wanna rain on someone's parade? Before? During? or After? Impact and success of this section affects the outcome)

How will the strategy play out? (Depending on what's happening during the show when i am reviewing the strats, the show will potentially carry snippets of your strat, unless they are actual segments. Be Mindful.)

Is a permission slip required? (Some actions during a match, you might need to use someone else's characters that don't wrestle or do, but are just sacrificial pawns in your grand scheme. Ask the handler to use them to further the feud or start a storyline. Success varies.)

Can i affect big time matches? (All matches can be affected, as demonstrated by Tom Black's and Darkness's handler, title matches are not protected, #1 Contender's matches can be affected, but ultimately a yes or no from me decides if it gets used.

I am feeling unsure of how to move forward with an idea. (Think outside the box and roll with the punches. The end result is the show looks get better at sending strats.)


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