How To Take Care Of Business

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Sat, Jul08, 2017 9:19pm America/Phoenix
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How To Take Care Of Business
The Scene pans to a wrestling ring at the Mayhem arena in San Diego. The cameras circle the ringside area up close. The arena is empty at the moment with the exception of a single custodian sweeping the grounds of one of the higher decks near the top. The cameras pan around the arena to show all sorts of wrestling banners, WWX as well as other sporting banners such as that of popular local teams: the Padres, the Chargers and so forth. The lighting is still somewhat dim at the moment. The lower deck seems to have a brighter lighting focusing on it, which happens to be where Rex McAllister happens to reside at the very moment and time. Rex is dressed in full street clothes sitting back in a steel chair at ringside. Rex appears to be scanning every bit of his surroundings with great focus, his mind on getting the WWX Tag Team titles back in his and Tommy Lipton's possession. Rex, looking rather stoic all the same, sits up straight as the camera focuses in on him. Rex flashes a hint of a smile momentarily before looking away briefly appearing to be shaking his head in disappointment. Rex finally looks back up to speak.

Rex McAllister: All week, you have done nothing to show that you are in fact ready for such an occasion where you have a chance to turn heads. All week, nothing but shameless posturing, smug arrogance, and with little to no clue of what is still to come in that ring.

Rex McAllister: You see, you are right about some things. The Lipton-McAllister tandem, we have been a fine standard for others to look up to. We've set the bar high on many fronts, and really if you want honesty then look no further than the results themselves. Nobody can dispute what we have done here in the last six months. We've changed the culture here. We've slowly take the attention and influence away from the divisions and ranks that always get the spotlight, and I do mean ALWAYS! We made everyone take notice of the tag team division, setting the example over these last six months of what true tag team supremacy is all about. We took a division that was on it's last legs, and he gave everyone every reason to come and try to stop us! 

Rex gives off a slight chuckle as he rises from his seat to methodically walk the ringside area around.

Rex McAllister: From destroying the previous tag team standard that was the Empire, and setting a whole new one based on selflessness and focusing on furthering the company as a whole, the Lipton-McAllister tandem was never going to be stopped. The only way we could be, was the way it happened. You yearn for opportunities, you pray for them, and you seek them out and look to seize them by any means. It shows ambition, but your single-minded approach to business here as it currently stands has an expiration. The bad news...the reversal of such fortunes that come with getting opportunities is more often than not you misuse them like you are doing this week by saying nothing of substance that ultimately fails to affect someone like me a whole lot in the least. Then you miss the opportunities that you had, and only come to realize as much later when it doesn't even matter anymore. 

Rex McAllister: Riker's school of hard knocks has never...ever...defeated Rexcellence! Anyone from that lineup you listed always underestimated what someone like me could bring to the table. Ashton did it! Cosmo did it! Even ole Russ himself did it! But the thing I loved about those guys, they were always challenging me and forcing me to my very limits, motivating me to go out and shove all back in their faces!

Rex exudes confidence, as he feels like he's just getting warmed up.

Rex McAllister: Sadly, I can't say the same about you. The Hebrew Hitman...What a name. Not even one I can take seriously since you've admittedly done nothing to note. I'm the Rex Master, master of my craft. The Fly on The Wall. The Heir of Rexcellence!...STILL the standard by which every other name in this company has to live up to. When I challenge myself to set the bar high, you can be sure that it is only within reach of Rexcellence while all the other cellar dwellers try and keep up.

Rex McAllister: For six months the Lipton-McAllister defended those tag titles five times! We put our individual glory on the back burner for the sake of the company. Something that won't be done ever again, mark my words. We are the life blood of this company as it stands today. Guys like you come and go before you can even give a word like history any meaning whatsoever!

Rex slowly and methodically now starts making his way up the steel ringsteps, as he now stands on the apron just outside the ropes to the left. He looks into the camera as he steps between the ropes meeting the camera dead center of the ring.

Rex McAllister: You could be King Kong, Godzilla, the Lochness Monster, but hey, I give those names more credence even for their influence in the sci-fi genre of monsters alone. In wrestling, you can speak in the name of violence and how opportunistic you are, but now you have to make it all stand up just as I have for the last two years, gold or no gold. The Blade Club is about to find out what many others have already come to know about me. In the end, when this is over and you've impaled yourselves on your own blades, pun intended, it will be me that finishes the job. Nothing feared, nothing sacred.

Rex motions for the camera to follow him toward the ropes facing the direction of the announce tables, as he continues.

Rex McAllister: And then there was 420. Gary - bong boy; smoked roach? Guess what? Fart noises!

Rex has a nice laugh, a moment of sarcasm creeps in. His tone appears to take on that of a child, mocking his other opponent.

Rex McAllister: You're irrelevant to me, shades on top of shades worse than being psychedelic. Twice the Lipton-McAllister tandem embarrassed you when the titles were on the line. This is the last time we will ever be in the same ring together. You shouldn't even be here, since the only representation we can expect from you is half-assed, comedy routines. You live in fantasy land where fantasies bring fantasies. I live in the real world, where realities bring realities, and the reality of the situation at hand, the crux if you will is I've defeated many like you before, and so I shall inevitably do it again! End of story!

Rex then turns back toward the center where the camera is still focused on him, he's serious again, and the tone of his message becomes very clear to whom it concerns.

Rex McAllister: At Mayhem, The Rex Master will show you two what it takes to win opportunities like this in huge bragging rights matches. The Blade Club crossed the Lipton-McAllister tandem, and in doing so they crossed a line to which there is no return, just the realized opportunities they missed out on as a trio. We will end you, just as we have many that challenged our might, and in the end you find nothing less than absolute, everlasting melancholy for the rest of your withered away days. I guarantee it. Now that was...Rexcellent!

Rex's pose is kept paused in the moment, but then Rex, as relaxed as can be casually looks up into the rafters, and gives off a another smile, then looks out into the rest of the arena with the same expression and then finally into the camera as the scene slowly fades.


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