I Am Coming

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Fri, Feb16, 2018 1:02am America/Phoenix
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I Am Coming
(The scene opens inside the Charger, Tommy Lipton is wearing a power suit. He looks out the window at a "Welcome to California" sign. He has arrived in the golden state for his shot at the WWX Undisputed Championship. An old school show tune is playing in the background...)

*When the wintry winds start blowing
And the snow is starting to fall
Then my eyes turn westward knowing
That's the place that I love best of all

California, I've been blue 
Since I've been away from you. I can't wait till I get going 
Even now I'm starting in a call
California, here I come
Right back where I started from
Where bowers are flowers bloom in the spring
Each morning at dawning
Birdies sing and everything
A sun kissed miss said "Don't be late!"
That's why I can hardly wait,
Open up that Golden Gate! 
California, here I come!

(Tommy smiles as he realizes his final time talking with the WWX Universe and addressing his opponents has come)

Tommy: Welcome BACK, we are just a day away from a solid gut throbing, punching power, explosive action packed pay-per-view, Aftershock! We will see the advancement of the crusaid tournament will reveal! One man will be claiming the right to face the WWX Undisputed Champion... One man... Will it be, Darkness, Syndicate, Kurtis Ray, Jarvis, Jack or Korath... I have been watching them all, anymans victory and if I plan to be the next to represent this great business of ours, the WWX Universe, I need to see who is next and who will potentially become the next man I must face. Should I win I could be defending my title for the first time against any of these 6 men. I will watch them all earn their place to be in the main event of Aftershock. 

Tommy lowers the gears slowing down now.... 

Tommy: I will win my match and be the next champion of this Federation... I will do what I must and I guarandamntee that you are looking into the eyes of YOUR next WWX Undisputed Champion! 

Tommy pulls the car over. He looks into his rearview at the figure behind him. 
Tommy smiles and gets out of the car. He is looking at the Orical Arena. Thinking about the big battle in front of him, his match in which he knows he cannot take lightly. 

Tommy: No matter what has been said, by any of us and myself included... I am in for one hell of a fight; we all are!  I will do what I have to, to walk away the winner. You have to believe seven years away has been tough, I missed this place, even though it was right to walk away at the time... it is now time I come back and reclaim the throne that I had long ago left behind. The WWX Undisputed Championship is just that, it determines the best of the best, it makes you legendary and a part of the WWX history. I am a multiple champion but a champion of another time. It is time I show these young talented stars just who Tommy Lipton is . I have missed representing all of you fans as your champion and returning and not being a World Champion within the first year back is weird, but cry a foul? Legends do not do that! And if you think you will be the next Champion, if Rex thinks he will take down the one and only Tommy Lipton, get the hell outta here! And if your thought is that you will retain Xavier... If anyone comes toe to toe with me I'll lift you and I don't care how heavy you are... I don't care how much fight you put in... more bounce for the ounce baby! The bigger you are the harder you'll fall! 

Tommy grins, he puts his hands in his pockets and leans back resting against the car. 

Tommy: I have been coming, I keep saying I Am Coming... I have fought the good hard fight, I have travelled a distance to be here and I kicked ass to be here! Gotta say, it wasn't an easy road but I am here, i can feel it, I can almost grab it. Tomorrow I will in fact reach out toward this opportunity and I will grab it by the horns and ride it all the way to victory! I was always coming for this, it's been all about this. I am here at the arena and it is not over yet! 
One night!
tomorrow night! 

Tommys hands are out of his pocket. His face goes stone cold and he stares into the cameras eye...

Tommy: I face against two men and they both feel they will leave the winner. You see Xavier, you, just like myself and Rex feel you are the man who will leave as Champion. You can run your mouth and say how entitled Rex and I may feel about this match and that strap, but you sir, you are doing the same yourself! You actually have made no sense and you are a walking contradiction... come Aftershock it is time for you to walk into a wall.
A wall you will not breach and as hard as you try this is an obstical you will not overcome. 

Tommy opens the car door and grabs his sunglasses. He slides them onto his face. He adjusts them...

Tommy: Rex, Rex, Rex... These fans have hit social media, Xavier has added to the hype, everyone thinks you and I are going to unite at Aftershock... Imagine, The McAllister-Lipton tandem are BACK! I know, I stood by as the other night you attacked Xavier and it almost seemed like a set up... An ambush strike on our Undisputed Champion. Of course there was the double team attack on the Champ himself in our round six match as well...  But teaming up? is that possible? Rex has gone through some dirty tactics to try and put an end to me. He used a man I trusted and manipulated him to side with him to defeat me. 
And now... Now he's calling himself the NEW Mr.... W...W...X... 

Tommy shakes his head and leans forward slight laugh escapes his throat. 

Tommy: Rex McAllister, in comparison you dont even come close to measuring up to me kiddo! You want to self proclaim yourself as Mr. WWX? After doing what exactly to earn such a nickname? You want to compare yourself with the One and Only? OK, lets... You have been here a couple years and what exactly have you accomplished? Rex, seriously what? A one time World champ, amazing bruhfknO! 

Tommy slow claps.

Tommy: that was a long time ago and it was once... your greatest achievement to date is your teaming with me. A rather wise move that helped bring you back into the spotlight. But come on pal,  this is the resume you dare try to compare yourself to me with? By my second year I had been already a multiple champ and main eventing most every show and pay-per-view... So go ahead, claim you'll outlast me but I ain't seen nothing yet to give any real evidence to such a grand claim! Rex, I'm back now and I helped lead you and I to several tag team victories, but it is not about that, it is about every man for himself. Regardless this buzz that we are together Rex I am here to do a job, that is to put Xavier down AND that is to put you down. No matter what I need to do to achieve victory, Ill do it... It is my time. IF you think you will block me from achieveing this, I would think twice about it. Rex in our second meet I cleaned your damn clock! It was record breaking...you may think of yourself as the future, maybe in time you will be that BUT that times not tomorrow... that times not at Aftershock... and that will not mean you outlasted me. I am forever a part of WWX and I have done far more than you to earn my place here. You seem to already count me out, you seem to be set on leading WWX into the future... Your mistake is to assume too much and that mistake may very well be a costly one... I am coming for a purpose, one more time I will lead, not you but The One The Only Tommy Lipton will lead WWX as it's Champion and any who oppose me will feel my wrath, it's That Simple!   So with everything that's happened, will Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister reunite!? 

Tommy smirks 

Tommy: One thing I guarantee... I AM COMING! 

1Songwriters: Al Jolson / Joseph Meyer / California, Here I Come lyrics  Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

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