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On Thu, Nov02, 2017 12:04am America/Phoenix
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{{The scene opens up onboard flight 188, Tommy Lipton is wearing a T shirt under his blazer and khakis as he enjoys the leg room of the private charter he's got himself for his trip to Hall of Pain. Two cameras are set up focused on him. He has his IPad tablet open on the table in front of him where he just finished watching his opponents talk the usual trash he's come to expect from opponents over the years. His phone lays face up beside him on the couch and a fruit platter and cold cuts are set as well on the table for his snacking pleasure. A bottle of water rests in his lap.}}

Tommy: Well Syndicate looks pissed off. Who can blame him. Rex hit him good. Syndicate wants to scream and shout and threaten to put heads in ovens... He also wants to keep saying he was in full control over what happened back in the days of BTA. Let's just say he had a lot of crying to do from the video I just laughed my ass off through. 

{{Tommy rubs his eyes mocking a crying Syndicate}}

Tommy(whining): boo hoo your opinions don't matter to me boo hoo I have nothing left to prove to you boo (bleeping) hoo....  So I felt the need to drop a cuss bomb...

Tommy(normal voice): seems he feels the need to swear to come across mean and tough... 

{{Tommy mocks Syndicate again with a wimpy voice}}

Tommy(wimpy voice): I'll swear at them, Yeah, that'll teach them! Forget the kids watching, I'll discuss |BLEEP|measuring contests ... hey maybe I'll get that match with Rex...

Tommy(normal voice): Wait what? NO! No Syndicate, you can not have that match and I highly doubt your thing would make good TV anyways kid. Not to mention just how creepy it was that you almost sounded serious about wanting to see Rex- I'll just not take that any further...

{{Tommy shakes his head}}

Tommy: Do you think I care what matters or doesn't matter to you kid? Do you think I care if or if not you are even in this match. To be quite honest, I hope you are the one buried alive, not because you are a threat but because none of us and I believe I can speak for the group, believe you should even be in this match. You had over half a year to be "the man" and were you? You weren't. You want to stand there saying the McAllister Lipton tandem as Tag Champs weren't really challenged... you are right... We weren't. But only because we are such a dominate unit, didn't You call us legendary in fact? Contradicting 101 is what I'd say you are... And it's funny You talk about our run as if it's nothing all of a sudden, at least we had a little diversity... where as you basically went back and fourth with the same guy for months! You didn't build your division like Rex and I built ours. There's a damn tournament happening right now for a division that if it weren't for the Lipton McAllister tandem would have been dead ages ago. Rex and I were offered single title shots because you couldnt build up a damn list of competitors in the Federation! The BOD saw what Rex and I did with the tag team division and now they are hopeful we can bring life to the world division by helping add more competition! Because quite frankly speaking kid, you failed!  

{{Tommy annoyingly shakes his head}} 

Tommy: So clearly you've not really been paying attention, or maybe you are simply in denial. Also you want to stand there discussing where we all decide to film our moments with the WWX Universe and how all you need is a spot light? Okay besides Korath attempting to be a creepy Mummy and me tempted to call Tom Cruise or Branden Fraser to come deal with him ... lame joke? Maybe... but I am sure someone out there chuckled...  I am more than capable of dealing with the Nordic Nightmare myself... But other than that, we all have  just been talking from where ever we happened to be at the time. 
I'm filming now from a plane. Whoopdy do! My abandon barn had some history to help bring me back to my roots also it was a great place to be free from distraction. Not that I need to explain this as I had done that prior to my last Fury match. It's dawned on me, you do not pay any attention to anyone else but your competitor at that time... sometimes even that's questionable... you don't even afterwards go back just to skim through other wrestlers videos to hear what they have to say. That is why you claimed not to be challenged while you were Champ.... but you were plenty of times. Not just by Rex and I either.... That is why the World Division never built up. You weren't a fighting champion. You fought those who were booked to face you and hid all other times. It's why you have this big ego, you are not even aware what others bring to the table. You've been living in Syndicate Land long enough and reality is going to bite you in the ass! 

{{Tommy grabs some fruit to eat then chugs back some water.}}

Tommy: Now (wipes his face with a napkin) moving on. 
I must watch my back, even from the likes of Rex McAllister who I have nothing but the up most respect for... However the lesson I learned from Rick Dreamie years ago will always stay with me. This is every man for himself after all. So where do Rex and I stand? I know for the past many days that has been a big question on everyone's mind. We are buds and I know just like me, he wants to win. As he so smartly put It, it is time for him to write everyone out of his journey. That clearly meant me too. He and I will I'm sure connect to be a unit at points through this match but at the end of the day there can be one winner... I plan to be the one. I know Rex is one tough dude and I hope Darkness, Korath and Syndicate do not underestimate the man for that's not wise and it sure wouldn't be Rexcellence for them! I'll keep a watch on him... Otherwise The McAllister-Lipton tandem are coming to Hall of Pain and no matter what happens between he and I during that match, one things for certain, we plan to burn that House to the ground and steal the whole damn show!

{{Tommy is approached by a sexy girl wearing a short skirt and a tight blouse.}}

Girl: Mr. Lipton, the captain wanted me to let you know that we are on schedule and should land in Atlanta Georgia just after 3 AM. 

Tommy: Thank you Lacey, and thank the Captain for me. 

{{Tommy leans back and scratches his chin}}

Tommy: I wonder how good ol Capt'n - 

Lacey: Did you need anything else?

Tommy: No thank you. 

{{Tommy swipes up on his tablet and then stands up. He walks to the window of the plane. Pure darkness looks back at him.}}

Tommy: Darkness, the current champion of the world. Finally now that we are so close to stepping into the House of Horrors together do you finally address me. You said the only thing I have over you is the fact you have never beaten me... That is quite a big thing to have over you. See I laugh as Syndicate talks this big talk after he loses to a man who has had 5 maybe 6 good matches with me and yet never comes out on top. Never you mind if I'll come out on top because the fact is Darkness, at Hall of Pain you will not be. However I applaud you Darky, I applaud you for doing what I have yet to do and that is defeat the Syndicate. The smile that crossed over my face, the agony that washed away was all thanks to you. Syndicate needed to go down and dammit you got the job done big guy! I see you have gone to visit the House of Horrors... younkniw the horrors that await. But all praise aside I hope you know what you are in for... I think you do. I too have a dark side and I do plan to release it. This match will take its toll on all of us and I do not have the time to scare poor innocent camera men... I do however have the time to scare you. Darkness you know better than anyone in this match just how twisted and evil Tommy Lipton can be, you know that I have no limit to go as far as I need to go to get what I want. Darkness you know I am coming... This match is pure poetry. I lost my title in a brutal Armada match, I'll take it back in a brutal Hall of Pain match. 

Tommy:  Korath, you may feel like we all talked enough for you to finally come out and shine or whatever it was you were getting at in that last video of yours. The fact is, I know you are tough but you are not about to outshine the one and only. 
Korath, you snuck by me at World Series but as I said, that won't happen again. You are not the next WWX Undisputed Champion. 

{{Tommy finally turns to face the camera. He glares at the two lens recording him}}

Tommy: I am...  

Tommy: Just over a year ago I made a return to the WWX. I set my sights on Syndicate and his followers, they called themselves the Big Time Agency! I infiltrated their group, regardless of the bull shit Syndicate wants to feed everyone. I infiltrated and crushed the BTA from within! It was really simple, the BTA chose to back me as their champion and they were to get behind me at World Series... Syndicate is dumb as all you know what if he didn't think I knew he would betray me. But time and time again I told him that by betraying me he betrayed the BTA and that was that. Hes acting like a big man saying he didnt need the BTA and he turned his back on them... Obviously! no freaking shit! they flat out backed me up and he couldnt get on board. BTA was done at that moment and Inthrew a wrench into his plans and Syndicate didn't have any back up going into Hall of Pain, yeah he is such a mastermind for sure! Pathetic fool! We all knew he wanted BTA by his side to help him become champion at Hall of Pain. He didn't have his one on one match either and the only thing that he did that bested me at the time, was defeat me to keep me off the card. Wow, big deal, sure the ideal plan was for me to be at Hall of Pain however in doing so, in fighting me a week prior to the big show he wore himself out and David GS took the W and the Championship. My plan was to knock this kid down a few pegs, to eliminate his brotherhood with the BTA and show him just how vulnerable he really is. So Syndicate can say that he ended the BTA but naw, it was me that stirred it up and put the nail in that coffin. He just assumes because I didnt win a title that my plan failed... Kid, last year was all about being reinstated into the Hall of Fame... Which I was... I was asked to shake things up when I re-signed and to make a strong impact. That's all I cared about. That and hurting the man who used my name while I was gone to put himself over.As you did Xander Adams and whoever else. You got lucky a couple times big deal but you made it one. Because you won some match over me years ago when I wasn't cleared to fight. Bravo kid... we have been speaking about fears and nightmares this week, I am Syndicates nightmare! At least I was for a long time. Till finally I let him be to go off and do my own thing with Rex. 

Tommy: Syndicate wants to declare himself "The Man" because he's held a title a few months and was considered the top guy here... Please, that's a joke! Try being the top guy for more than a few months try a few years! Try earning rookie of the year because within a month you are tag champs with the current world champ, then International champ in a couple of months to world champ within your first 6 months and never looking back. From 2006 to 2010 I was the Top Guy, hell some even called it the "Era of Lipton" I was world champ, I became GM and ran this place even.... I was a big player fighting numerous opponents, facing so much diversity, making a real name for myself and being one of the guys that made WWX the success that it is today. Myself along with many greats are why WWX exists. Syndicate, you think some handful of months holding the world strap earns you the right to call yourself "The Man?" You actually want to say out of all of us you are the hardest worker here? Kid, you couldnt fill my jock strap! 
When it comes to respect, I don't demand it, I've earned it... whereas you have not! 

Tommy: now a little over a year since my return I have my first shot at the WWX Championship...  If any of these guys think that I will not give it my all, that I will not do everything in my power to succeed, then they are truly in for a rude awakening. I'm coming hard and I will not quit. I will keep eyes on the back of my head to watch for backstabbers and i will do what I must to finally after 7 long years be called your NEW WWX Champion! Those who oppose will be disposed! They bring the beer I'll bring the pain! More bounce for the ounce and dammit we have some men who will be slammed and bounced the heck out by The One and The Only! Oh SYNDICATE...

{{Tommy lifts his finger, a returning gesture to Syndicate after his last video, and salutes the man}}



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