I Am Stronger Now

Roleplay Roleplay by BISHOP POLARIS
On Wed, Jul26, 2017 1:14pm America/Phoenix
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I Am Stronger Now
[Bishop Polaris is sitting with his legs crossed in an opening in the woods. The sun is beaming down through the opening in the trees as Polaris peacefully sits.]

Polaris “All of my hard work. Months of battles, a lifetime of commitment… and just like that The Blade Club tore it away from me… Times like this would make a weaker man question how he had spent his time. Reviewing his path, question his faith. When I was a weaker man, perhaps I would’ve as well. However now, as I sit in front of you I am a stronger man. God works in mysterious ways and having our Championships torn away from us is just God pointing us in another direction.

Fury quickly approaches and I must rebound and attack on multiple fronts. As I contend for both a tag title shot and look to cement myself in the international rankings. My cunning wit will never have been more important.

These extreme stipulations allow for use of foreign objects and tactics I’d usually despise, but don’t doubt me. As it lies within the rules I will gladly use weapons to my advantage to put forth my best effort. To put forth my message. I will not attack sadistically, but believe me Dr. Death and Tom Black have a burning passion for such disgusting matters.”

[Polaris looks over head as several birds fly over head. Their echoing chirps are piercing in the silence of the woods. Polaris looks at his hands, holding them up to his face.]

Polaris “These hands have blood on them. Blood and dirt, I’m not proud of. From here on, I will not cross the line. I will practice as I preach and I preach Purity. So to everyone that opposes me on Fury, 


Bishop Polaris is playing pure, but not nice. You lie between Me and the good of the people. Between me and Purity.  You will not stop me”

[Polaris uncrosses his legs and lays down on his back, taking in the sun.]

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