I Am Wrestling!

Roleplay Roleplay by DAMIAN HENDRIX
On Wed, Feb07, 2018 12:04am America/Phoenix
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I Am Wrestling!
[The scene slowly fades in to reveal the WWX logo. Monster by Skillet begins to play in the back ground. Clips of Damian working out in the gym are played. The man begins doing dead lifts with 350lb of weight.]

"I am power."

[After a few seconds the clips switch to Damian sprinting around the track, passing everyone in front of him.]

"I am speed."

[The camera cuts to Damian sparing with someone about his size. The two are wearing MMA style gloves, groin protectors, and helmets. They both have mouth pieces in. Damian begins to completely dominate the other man with a series of strikes to the face. The man falls to the ground and Damian pounces on top of him, pounding away.]

"I am Intensity."

[The camera cuts to Damian doing a series of cartwheels and summersaults]

"I am Dexterity."

[The camera cuts to Damian on a wrestling match with a different man then earlier. The two shake hands. The whistle is blown and the duo lock up. Damian is able to step around and grab his opponent from behind. He smiles before hitting him with a German Suplex into a Bridge. Damian gets the pin and hops up.]

"I am Wrestling."

[The words "Damian Hendrix, Coming Soon." Appears on the screen before fading to black.]

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